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Zalto Stock Availability 2021/22

Last updated 04 Feb 2022

Why is the Zalto glassware out of stock?

Zalto Glassware is hand-made, mouth-blown stemware created by small teams of artisans in the Zalto factory in Austria.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, there has been unprecedented demand worldwide, and this has continued to increase since then, as more wine enthusiasts enjoy more wine at home than, what seems like, ever before.

In addition to the increased demand, Austria has been locked down on several occasions. If one of the team directly involved in producing a particular glass is deemed positive, then the whole team has to cease production and isolate accordingly, meaning no production of that particular stem. A furnace critical to the production also had issues in 2020, necessitating a shutdown and a total rebuild. While demand is escalating, all of these delays reveal why we are in the current situation where stock is tough to come by, and we cannot predict when our current backorders will arrive.

We are no longer pre-allocating stock, but any orders already placed will be fulfilled on a first-come, first saved basis once stock eventually arrives.

We are advised that a delivery schedule for existing back orders should be made available by Zalto by SUMMER 2022, when hopefully the situation in Austria should be clearer. However, obtaining Zalto stock will still be challenging throughout 2022.

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Zalto Glassware