All Temp Select - Infrared Wine Thermometer


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  • World’s smallest infrared thermometer
  • Measures Wine, Champagne and Food
  • Durable plastic casing
  • Switch from F° to C°
  • High accuracy
  • LCD display
  • Convenient pocket clip built in
  • Batteries Included

Reads temperature through glass in one second without popping the cork!

Simple and Accurate - The wine bottle or wine glass thermometer is perfect for both Wine and Champagne

Simply place the All Temp Wine Thermometer on the centre of the glass bottle, press the button and read the digital display

About the All Temp Select - Infrared Wine Thermometer

Developed for the California catering industry the All-Temp™ accurately measures wine and food without touch, using an infrared beam. Save yourself the embarrassment of serving white wine too warm too or red wine too cold by shooting the beam into your bottle before pouring it. Within seconds the All-Temp ™ displays a read-out in Fahrenheit or Celsius within one degree of accuracy.

Temperature of wine, champagne, brandy and even spirits is the single biggest factor that affects the taste, so it’s not only sommeliers who should carry this handy pocket device to improve the drink. Convenient pocket clip built in and durable silver plastic case.

The high accuracy temperature range is from -32°C to +110°C making it suitable for serious chefs who need to check fridge, freezer and low oven temperatures as well as food without contacting the surface.

Presented in an attractive printed gift box

All Temp Select - Infrared Wine Thermometer

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