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Eisch Glas Crystal Chateau Wine Decanter 1.5L

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  • Height: 268mm 10 1/2"
  • Diameter: 220mm 8 5/8"
  • Capacity: Single Bottle 750ml - This Decanter has been designed to hold a single bottle of Wine; however, it has a total capacity of 1.5L
  • High-Quality Lead-Free Crystal
  • Handmade, Mouthblown
  • One of Wineware's best-selling Wine Decanters!

This is a hand-crafted decanter manufactured in Bavaria, Germany, by Eisch Glas.

The Eisch Glas Chateau Wine Decanter will prevent those dreaded red wine stains on your tablecloth! The special DROP EFFECT treatment on the rim of the decanter almost completely prevents the formation of drops running down the side of the carafe. In addition, the wide bowl makes it easy to use when pouring and lets your red wines oxidise before serving.

The decanter neck is cut at an angle that allows the wine to be poured into the glass even more smoothly and is an essential design element.

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Young red wines must be in contact with atmospheric oxygen to develop their optimum bouquet. Usually, such wines are opened some hours before being drunk and left standing in the decanting carafe to allow optimum development of the bouquet.

To ensure the best possible contact between wine and atmospheric oxygen, the decanting carafe is of a big-bellied design and is dimensioned such that a standard 750ml bottle of wine fills it up half. At this point, there is a maximum contact area between wine and atmospheric oxygen, which is the best prerequisite for bouquet development.

How much wine does this decanter hold?

This decanter has an overall capacity of 1.5L; however, it's designed to take a standard 750ml bottle so that the wine will be at the widest point of the bowl.

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Capacity: Over 750ml
Production Type: Mouth Blown
Material Crystal