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Which Riedel wine glass to choose


“The finest glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel. The effect of these glasses on fine wine is profound. I cannot emphasize enough what a difference they make.”

(Quote: Robert M. Parker. Jr. The Wine Advocate.)

Riedel are one of the leading glass-makers in the world and produce high quality glasses. Their wine glasses are specially made and shaped to complement the different wine grape and region varieties whilst adding to the overall enjoyment of wine. Riedel offer a variety of different ranges for various occasions and needs; whether for a wine tasting, a picnic or dinner. Top-rated wineries, restaurants, companies and homes throughout the world use Riedel. To help you out, we’ve compiled our knowledge and experience of Riedel glassware to explain the benefits of each glass range below.

Which Riedel wine glass to choose 

High-quality crystal wine glasses Vinum series

If you are looking for high-quality crystal wine glasses then this is definitely the Riedel range for you. The Vinum series is extremely popular with both consumers and restaurateurs from around the world. It is suitable for everyday use as well as to set any table or use at a wine tasting. Functional and aesthetically pleasing this range is one of our most requested. It was the first grape specific glass in history!

Wineware suggest using these for a table setting; discover which bowl shape suits your favourite grape variety.

High-quality crystal wine glasses Riedel Veritas series

If you're looking for a newer, 'upgraded' version of the highly popular Vinum range, then Veritas is for you. Veritas features the same high-quality crystal glass as Vinum and it's becoming very popular with both consumers and restaurateurs around the world. It's suitable for everyday use as well as during dinner and tastings, it's both functional and aesthetically pleasing!

Wineware suggest using these for a more advanced wine lover, an upgrade on the Vinum series; discover further bowl shape suits your favourite grape variety.

High-quality crystal wine glasses Riedel Performance series

If you're looking for an eye catching, never seen before glassware range...then Riedel Performance is the one for you! As standard, it features the same high-quality crystal glass as other Riedel ranges but it also features a unique optic impact. This not only adds a pleasing visual aspect to the bowl, but also increases the inner surface area, allowing the wine to open up and to fully sow every aroma and subtle nuance. Riedel Performance is unique, functional and aesthetically pleasing!

Wineware suggest using these for a more advanced wine lover, an upgrade on the Vinum & Veritas series.

Stemless wine glasses from RiedelO Range

Stemless wine glasses are a modern and trendy addition to the glassware world. This range is relatively new but nonetheless very popular with consumers. The O series is a great alternative to the traditional stemmed glass design. It makes for a great gift or wedding favour. Stemless wine tumblers are also suitable for serving mixers, soft drinks and water and fit perfectly into every dishwasher. The O bowl size is based on the benchmark shapes from the Riedel Vinum series.

Wineware suggest buying the O Range for friends or family who already own Riedel glassware.

The starting glass for any Riedel collectorOuverture series

The Ouverture series is ideal for everyday use. This is definitely the starting glass for any Riedel collector; it is a Riedel beginner glass. It is aimed at users who appreciate reasonably priced wine and it can be used for any grape variety. This range consists of ten different sizes so will be adequate for drinking wine, champagne, beer and spirits. These perfectly shaped wine glasses are also one of the most cost effective ranges from Riedel.

Wineware suggest these for wine novices/beginners and suitable for wine tastings, wine classes or use in the home.

Riedel Vinum Extreme glasses can be used on a daily basisExtreme

This range is designed to ‘show off’ a wines full potential, giving it perfect surroundings in a well-designed, high-quality glass. The Riedel Vinum Extreme glasses were introduced in the millennium and since then have become a success. The large bowls and long stems are extremely popular with users. The large bowl allows the wine to breathe and intensifies the bouquet. The Vinum Extreme wine glasses/range are available in sets of two, making them a lovely present for a special occasion or birthday.

Wineware suggest you serve “New World” wines in Vinum Extreme glasses.

Perfect if you prefer not to have leaded wine glassesWine Range

The Riedel Wine Range consists of grape variety specific wine glasses ideal for your favourite wine; made for those who want the “key to wine” concept. Each glass features a decorative stem, something different to your normal everyday wine glass. These glasses are designed around Riedel Vinum’s most popular bowls. This range is perfect if you prefer not to have leaded wine glasses or you want a more decorative set of wine glasses. This range offers eight different bowl choices.

Wineware recommend the Riedel Wine Range glasses for home entertaining.  

Sommerliers range is perfect for vintage winesSommeliers

Precision is in every handmade, mouth blown Sommeliers glass. These classic and elegant glasses are truly spectacular. Serve your favourite bottles or vintage wines in these exquisite Riedel glasses. These glasses are timeless and add an extra touch to the wine tasting experience. If you enjoy fine wines then Riedel’s Sommeliers glasses are ideal, they are “a wine’s best friend”. This series consists of ten sizes.

Wineware say “the pinnacle of wine experience is achieved with the Sommeliers glass!”

The Riedel glass ranges detailed above are the most popular collections by Riedel.  Below is a brief overview of the rest of the Riedel ranges we currently offer:

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