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What makes ISO wine tasting glasses so popular?

  • The 21.5cl ISO tasting glass is recognised worldwide as the standard shape for wine tasting.
  • They are used all over the World by connoisseurs, vineyards, sommeliers and merchants.
  • The glass is big enough to allow you to swirl, and there's plenty of room to nose the wine too.

What are ISO wine tasting glasses?

ISO Wine Tasting GlassesInternational Standards Organisation or ISO wine glasses are recognised internationally as the standard design for tasting. The rounded bowl and narrow sides allow the wine to be swirled easily without any spillage. The rim helps contain all the delightful aromas and enhances appreciation.

These glasses are scientifically designed to be used across a broad range of styles; you can sample all wines from just one glass- ingenious!

ISO tasting glasses are used for a professional, comfortable and confident wine tasting experience. Tasting is a demanding activity and therefore needs the appropriate glassware.

Why are ISO wine tasting glasses so popular?

We could list a thousand reasons why these glasses are so popular; however, we thought we should only mention the top reasons (contact us for more):

  • High resistance to breakage.
  • Ultra-clear glass – allow the liquid to shine through. Great for recording wine colour observations.
  • Reinforced stem anti-abrasion.
  • The easy to hold stem prevents your hands from warming the bowl.
  • Dishwasher safe – we know this is a prevalent reason as it saves them time spent washing glasses by hand!
  • Suitable for red, white, champagne and sparkling wines as well as fortified and distilled wines.
  • Popular with restaurants, professionals and merchants.
  • These glasses can withstand over 2,000 cycles, quality remains.
  • Suitable for a wide range of events, including tasting parties, wine merchant events, restaurant openings, sample tasting in store, tasting at home etc.

The Luigi Bormioli ISO type wine tasting glasses (21.5cl) are recognised as the standard size for wine tastings. We offer a good variety of different sizes other than 21.5cl; please see all of our wine tasting glasses.

Who uses ISO wine tasting glasses?

ISO wine tasting glasses are used worldwide by merchants, professionals and pubs, bars and restaurants. They are ideal for all types of tastings, courses and events. ISO wine glasses are also available for glass hire. If you require any further information, please call us on 01903 786148.

Wine tasting accessories

We have a fantastic selection of accessories to complete your wine tasting event or course. Choose from wine journal label removers, sommelier service apron, spittoons, books, bottle tasting sleeves and more. Please feel free to browse all of our wine tasting accessories.
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