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Norlan Whisky Glass - Set of 2

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  • Height: 95mm 3 3/4"
  • Diameter: 82mm 3 5/16"
  • Diameter (Rim): 63mm 2 1/2"
  • Capacity: 204ml 6.9 oz
  • Recommended pour: 20ml > 40ml
  • Weight per glass: 115g
  • Mouthblown borosilicate glass
  • Boxed in a presentation soft feel gift tube
  • Complimentary glass polishing cloth
  • German Design Award Winner 2020

See the Black Vaild Edition of the Norlan Whisky Glass.

About the Norlan Whisky Glass

The unique double-walled structure of the Norlan Whisky Glass offers seamless integration of a scientifically performing inside with an aesthetically beautiful outside.

The Norlan Whisky glass is a transparent, double-walled vessel formed using a glass blowing technique with two separate two-part moulds, one inner wall and one outer wall. When the inner and outer glass walls are prepared, the rims are reheated and the inner glass is inserted, the rims are then sealed together. By doing this, it creates a hollow body glass with a completely different inside shape to outside shape.

The unique effect of the double-walled glass intensifies the colour of the whisky within the glass, this is then carried up the glass into the rim.

The Norlan Glass was created to offer a superior nosing experience in combination with a modern, featherweight design. A double-walled glass structure is the only production method that allows for a radically different interior and exterior form. By nature, a double-walled structure will sound different from a single-walled glass, yielding little resonance. However, the vessel is indeed made from glass, borosilicate to be exact.


Through specially developed protrusion forms within the glass, adapted through bio-mimicry studies, when liquid is swirled around the glass the fluid forms a standing wave shape that increases the surface to air ratio and rate of oxidization. This means there is considerably more evaporation of ethanol, resulting in a reduction of volatility allowing the whisky to become significantly more expressive in taste and aroma. No other whisky glass will do this for you, this feature is an invention of the Norlan glass.

Aroma Focus

The inner walls of the Norlan glass close as they rise, then flare out again so as not to hit the nose. The height and diameter focus the aromas to the nose, while simultaneously diffusing the ethanol away from the face, this will in turn improve the taste of your whisky.


“Fifty-three years in this business and still there are some things that surprise you. This is the best glass I’ve ever used... Better than the glass I test my own whiskies with." Jim McEwan, Master Distiller

Wineware recommends that you wash the Norlan Whisky glass by Hand.

Suitable For: Spirits
Specifically For: Whisky
Boxed: Individual
Production Type: Handmade

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