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Aroma Academy Whisky Nosing Aroma Kit (24)


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The Whisky Aroma Kit includes:

  • 24 x 10ml Aroma Solutions
  • Guide / Trading Manual
  • Blank Aroma Strips
  • Aroma / Flavour Record Sheet & Also incorporates a fun Whisky Aroma Quiz

95% of Flavour is due to the Sense of Smell

The route to expertise in Whisky lies in the ability to recognise the signature aromas of the many wonderful Whisky brands.

The Whisky Aroma Kit contains 24 aromas, covering the extensive spectrum found in the leading whiskies. This is accompanied by a guide that provides an introduction to the World of Whisky and advice regarding how best to develop your aroma recognition skills and ‘Master the Sense of Smell.’

Aroma Academy 24 Whisky Aromas

1. Alcohol 2. Balsamic (Vanilla) 3. Balsamic (Hay) 4. Buttery 5. Caramel 6. Citrus 7. Decay 8. Ethereal 9. Earthy 10. Floral (Rose Water) 11. Floral (Carnation) 12. Fruity 13. Cut Grass 14. Malty 15. Medicinal 16. Nutty 17. Peaty 18. Phenolic 19. Smoky 20. Solventy 21. Sherry 22. Spicy 23. Spirituous 24. Woody.

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