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Metal Wine Rack Buying Guide

  • Metal wine racks are great for modern homes looking for a sleek, tidy finish.
  • Easier to clean and more hygienic, important to consider if storing in a commercial environment.
  • They are sturdy, durable and built to last, so they shouldn't need replacing for a long period of time.

Metal racking is available in a variety of styles and designs. They provide an efficient way to store bottles of wine safely. The temperature, humidity, lighting conditions and movement are vitally important to help wines mature properly.

Looking to store your own wine at home, in a bar or restaurant? Our handy wine storage guides can help!

Metal wine racks are...

  • More likely to fit in narrow spaces
  • Ideal for under the stairs or in a hallway
  • Perfect for contemporary/modern décor setting
  • Mounting options allow easier viewing of a wine bottle’s label.
  • Supplied fully assembled, or as easy to assemble flat-pack option
  • Sturdy, durable and built to last
  • Cost-effective
  • Great for adding a ‘modern look’ to your house
  • Ideal to fit/match a type of décor
  • Decorative and available with clean lines and curves
  • Available in different colours
  • Easier to clean and more hygienic
  • Available for all budgets

Inspirational ideas

The key to great looking wine rack installation is imagination. No matter how big or small, a  rack is only governed by boundaries.

The following represent different styles of metal racks.

VintageView - Wall-mounted Metal Wine Rack Vinowall - Wall-mounted Metal Wine Rack Display Wine - Metal Wine Racks

Racking recommendations


Vinowall Wine Rack

Wall-mounted bottle storage shows off your bottle collection while being easily accessible. So you can easily view your bottles of wine and decide within seconds (hopefully).

This storage style looks fantastic in any kitchen, wine room or living space and is certainly eye-catching. It is the perfect way to showcase your favourite or special bottles of wine.

Ideal for: Contemporary look, kitchens, dining rooms

Choose from: VintageView, Vinowall, Display Wine

Popular metal wine rack types

Classic wall mounted Contemporary mounted
Classic wall mount Contemporary wall mount

Fitting help

Most of the metal racks arrive fully assembled. However, some of the units are self-assembled. These are extremely easy to put together, and you will be storing your wine collection in no time at all! The fittings, fixtures and clips are all included, so you don’t have to worry about ordering extra parts.


Q. How much do they cost? A. Ultimately, it depends on the scale of the project

  • Price is dependent upon model, size and brand.
  • The more bottles the rack holds, the greater the cost.
  • Prices range from £50 to £200+

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