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Oak Wine RackingOak Wine RackingOak Wine RackingOak Wine Racking

Hand crafted in beautiful solid oak, these wine racks are made to order and can be perfectly tailored to fit your own individual requirements and available space. We can also produce the same style of wine racking in solid pine.

Any combination of individual bottle racks, wine cubes with diagonal dividers and case racks with sliding shelves on easy glide rollers can be supplied separately or as part of a complete wine cellar package and all units are made of the finest solid oak which is sanded and finally sealed with a Danish Oil Finish which really brings out the beautiful grain in the wood. To complete the effect any combination of units can be fitted with tops, backing and plinths, if required.

Being hand made to order means that all the dimensions of the individual units can be slightly vertically and laterally adjusted to ensure a perfect fit into your available space. Similarly, all plinths and tops can also be streamlined so that a standard height can be maintained for all unit combinations. All prices quoted include VAT at the standard 20%.

Wine Racking Options

Individual Bottle Racks

These oak wine racks are manufactured in ‘ladders’ where each bottle individually rests on two horizontal slats on either side of the upright. This storage system enables bottles to be withdrawn from the rack without the fear of damaging labels as there are very few solid horizontal lines. The few solid horizontal pieces which do exist are necessary because the weight of the oak racks and the wine to be cellared within means that it’s essential that these modular units are not built too large and we normally restrict these to heights and widths of around 6 to 10 bottles.

We attempt to design the rack sections so that everything is aesthetically equal and pleasing to the eye. The units are then fitted together, both horizontally and vertically in the room to give a fantastic effect with the horizontal lines all matching around the cellar. Each rack section for individual bottles is made to a depth of 298mm where the entire bottle is enclosed within the rack and this can also be increased, if required, to a depth of 598mm which enables two bottles to be stored in each opening, one in front of the other.  We are also able to provide individual bottle racking to accommodate non-standard sized bottles such as half bottles, magnums and champagnes and the utmost care is taken to make sure that all rack heights match with other units within the design.

This design flexibility ensures that the only restrictions to this wine storage solution are the space available. There is a handy downloadable PDF at the foot of this page which shows the individual bottle rack dimensions.

Wine Cellar Cubes

Solid oak cellar storage cubes are a novel and visually appealing way of storing bulk quantities of the same wine, once unpacked from their cases. Different sized cubes are available, the 503mm x 503mm is capable of holding up to two full cases of wine, 24 bottles in total (6 in each section) and the 598mm x 598mm can hold up to 40 bottles in total (10 in each section). The diagonal cross pieces of the cube are mitred into each corner for added strength and visual appeal and with or without the optional backing a clean, quality wine storage solution is the end result.

Wine Case Racks

Wooden cases of Bordeaux with the stencilled names and logos of the Chateaux featured on the case ends, all stacked on top of each other look great but the ones that are ready for drinking are always the first ones purchased, on the bottom of the stack! The answer to this age old problem is our wine case racking. This system allows for each individual 12 bottle case to be stored on its own slide out, easy glide oak shelf within a solid oak cabinet surround.

Each shelf has a built in stop so that the drawer and case can only be withdrawn for around two thirds of its length thus enabling the entire case to be lifted safely. This system allows for the opened case storage of your drinking wines or those kept unopened for future investment. Most Bordeaux style boxes are stored with the case ends showing and require a double depth sized space however we can also accommodate Burgundy cases in a single depth variation as these are stamped on their sides. Both options are visually stunning, but now actually practical as well!

Plinths and Tops

The finishing touches to your cellar are the oak plinths below the individual bottle, storage cubes and case racks which prevent the lower bottles being knocked by accident. Also, the oak tops to all the rack components which streamline the finished height to the racks and therefore give an overall complete effect.

Plinths are conveniently made at a height of 120mm but if space is at a premium an optional height of 94mm can also be accommodated. The oak tops are generally 18mm in height, giving you a nice, strong finish to your Oak wine racking. To heighten the visual effect, both the tops and plinths (space permitting) are manufactured with an overhang of 20mm and the heights of either can be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit

Oak Wine Rack Cost

Wine Rack Delivery and Fitting

Delivery is normally within 21 - 28 days from receipt of your order.
Each order will be subject to a delivery charge which will be based solely on the weight of each order and the area of the UK to which it is to be delivered. We're also able to provide fitting if required, this is quoted on a job by job basis as the size of the racking and location in the UK is always different. As we'll need to schedule a fitting date in, this can be provisionally provided in the quoting stage of your order.

Please contact us on 01903 786148 or email info@wineware.co.uk for quotes and if you require additional information.

Useful Download

 See our 'Useful Download' regarding our Oak Wine Racks.

For more information, please call us on 01903 786148

Alternatively email us: info@wineware.co.uk

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