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Wine Cellars and Wine Rooms

  • We can create your very own wine cellar/room using a combination of different wine racking methods.
  • Wine cellars and rooms for private homes and commercial properties, such as restaurants and bars.
  • We can provide and install (if required) wine racking for all sized rooms and areas throughout the UK.

If you have a large area or room you'd like to convert for wine storage, whether it's a designated room or location for your wine collection, contact Wineware today, and we'll be happy to help! We can design, create, supply and install your dream wine cellar in your home or restaurant. We're proud to say that with over 15 years of experience and what seems like an endless amount of fantastic projects, we'd be more than capable of providing you with the wine cellar of your dreams.

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Are you looking to store your wine in your home, restaurant or bar? Our handy wine storage guides can help!

Wineware's different types of Wine Racking:

Bespoke Traditional Wine Racks

Traditional wine racking is by far the most popular style of racking; you can store the most amount of bottles this way in natural pine and galvanised steel racks. Available in different depths and an array of stains, these racks are made to measure for your requirements. No project is too big, and no project is too small; we'll create and supply any shaped room or area!

Wine Cellars / Wine Rooms

Bespoke Traditional Wine Racks >

Bespoke Hardwood Wine Racks

Our hand-crafted bespoke hardwood racking is available in either pine or oak; the only difference is the material, with Pine being more cost-effective than Oak. This racking style is made to order and can be designed to fit your requirements and available space. We can create a mixture of the standard individual bottle storage units, cellar cubes and case racks, creating the perfect cellar to house your valued wine collection.

Wine Cellars / Wine Rooms

Bespoke Hardwood Wine Racks - Pine >
Bespoke Hardwood Wine Racks - Oak >

Wine Bottle Case Racks

If you're storing traditional Bordeaux-style cases, keeping them in pristine condition, off the floor and safely stored is essential. This is especially true if you're a wine collector and wish to one day sell the cases you own; case prices can decrease in value if the wooden case isn't of top quality. We can provide different height shelved case racks that have to pull out draws on runners, allowing easy and effective access.

Wine Cellars / Wine Rooms

Wine Bottle Case Racks >

Wine Bottle Cellar Cubes

Wineware's wine storage cellar cubes (also called Wine Bins) can hold up to 24 bottles at any one time. This type of wine storage is popular when storing the same bottle(s); with four individual compartments to each cube, you'll find it quick and easy to access the bottle you want. Available in different depths and a selection of stains, our wine cellar cubes can be designed to fit your requirements if the measurements don't quite match up.

Wine Cellar / Wine Room

Wine Bottle Cellar Cubes >

Create the perfect Wine Cellar

We're able to create the perfect wine cellar to match your requirements. If you have specific needs or are unsure what you'd like or prefer, our helpful team at Wineware can help you create your dream wine storage.

Please view some of our Custom Wine Rooms and Cellar Projects.

Wine Cellar / Wine Room

Wine Cellar / Wine Room

Wine Cellar / Wine Room

Wine Cellar / Wine Room

How to get my own Wine Cellar?

If you're interested in installing your very own wine storage system for your home or bar, contact Wineware today, and we can discuss all of the possibilities you require. Whether it's just a small space for a handful of bottles or an entire room, we'll gladly help and offer some advice.

Custom Wine Cellar Testimonials

Do you want to know what some of our customers have said about their own bespoke wine cellar projects? See our Custom Wine Cellar Testimonials for some helpful insight!

Designing your own Wine Cellar

We can produce computer-generated drawings of the potential wine rack design we can install in your home or commercial property. Once we have information about your requirements (the type of racking and measurements), we can provide you with a FREE quote and 3D design!

Contact Wineware today for a FREE quote - 01903 786148 /