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Wooden Wine Rack Buying Guide

  • Wooden wine racks are seen as the 'traditional way' to store your wine; they let your bottle sit horizontally, so the cork is always wet.
  • You're able to stain the bespoke wooden racks; this is great if you're trying to match a certain decor.
  • Wooden racks are stable, durable and long-lasting, so you shouldn't have to replace them any time soon.

Looking to store your own wine at home, in a bar or restaurant? Our handy wine storage guides can help!

What is a wooden wine rack?

They are sturdy and stable for holding your wine bottle collection. Wooden racks are usually handmade and offer the perfect solution for storing your bottles of wine. Wooden racks are available in various designs and finishes: oak is an extremely popular choice.

Different uses for a wooden wine rackBespoke, made to measure wooden wine rack

Bespoke Wine Racking

Bespoke racking is perfect for commercial use. Shops, restaurants, pubs, bars and wine collectors often require a rack to fit within a certain space. Therefore bespoke racks can be designed to fit in a unique space and hold many bottles. These can be decorated to fit in with any décor; most often, they are plainly decorated as they are used for storage, for example, within a wine cellar.

Domestic Wine Racking

Domestic racks are ideal for use in the home, whether it is a dining room, cellar or kitchen. They are a convenient and cost-effective way to store wine bottles and are available in various shapes, styles and sizes. With this in mind, they are often bought to match home décor. Domestic racks are available in a variety of designs.

How do I choose my wooden rack?

High-quality wooden racks are typically made from oak hardwood. These racks are durable and strong, holding your wine bottles securely and safely.

It is important to ask the following questions before purchasing your racking system:

  • How many bottles do I want to store?
  • Where can I fit the rack?
  • Will it match my décor?
  • Do I want a bespoke wooden rack to hold other sizes of bottles, such as Champagne and half bottles, as well as standard 75cl wine bottles?

Once you have a clear idea of the type of wooden rack you want and where it will fit (dimensions), you can begin selecting a suitable rack.

Benefits of using wooden racking

  • Racking stores wine safely. The temperature, lighting conditions, humidity, and movement are vitally important to help wines mature properly.
  • The ‘traditional wine rack’ option adds a classic look to your kitchen, dining room or cellar.
  • Floor racks are a cost-effective way to store your bottles of wine.
  • They allow you to store an unlimited number of bottles.
  • Bespoke wooden racks can be designed to meet all of your needs and requirements.
  • Racks made of wood are timeless pieces.
  • They are stable, durable and long-lasting.
  • They are available in all types of wood with different wood stains.
  • Wooden racks are an additional piece of furniture to your home.
  • The traditional style is easy to move. So whether you are moving house or moving your rack(s) into a different room, wooden wine bottle storage is ideal.

PricingStain colour chart

The cost of a traditional wine rack differs with the size of the rack and the stain finish (if a finish is applied).

It also differs from whether you opt for normal-sized bottle holes or choose to have champagne bottle sizes, magnums, halves, etc.  Your rack is made to your wine storage requirements, and therefore the price will reflect your chosen design.

Wine Racking Maintenance

Wooden wine racks require very little maintenance. We advise dusting your rack regularly to maintain overall upkeep (and to check wine bottle levels). If you were to use connecting kits for your rack, regularly inspect them to ensure that they are still tight and connected safely and securely.

Construction & Fitting Notes

If you are ordering a large rack, it will be supplied in more than one piece due to moveability and transport reasons. It can only be supplied in more than one piece vertically (not horizontally), so there is a height restriction of about 30 bottles. This is due to shipping limitations, and anything over 25 bottles high makes accessing the wine bottles difficult.

Stable and flat floor wooden racks are ideal for most places, although a slight variation from left to right (or vice versa) is also possible if you require it. A flat wall for these is helpful, although a backing baton is recommended for any traditional rack to fit nicely on the wall. However, the weight of the wine in the rack will add to its stability, preventing it from falling forward. If you are unsure about any construction and fitting notes or would like anything explained in more detail, please call us on 01903 786148.

Wine Rack Accessories

Please feel free to browse our wine rack accessories section to help you easily organise and protect your bottles. We recommend our customers that order wine bottle cellar sleeves or plastic wine bottle neck tags.

Wine Rack Accessories 

Q. How much do they cost? A. Ultimately, it depends on the scale of the project

  • The price depends on size, stain, bottle size (wine, champagne, magnums or halves).
  • The more bottles the rack holds, the greater the cost.
  • Prices from £1.19 per bottle hole

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