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How to Word an Invitation for a Wine Tasting Evening

If you are hosting a wine tasting party or having a few bottles of wine with a group of friends, you may want to send out invitations. Invitations can be handmade or made to order online; however, it can sometimes be tricky finding the right words. “What do I put? I’m at a loss with words!” Therefore we have produced this ‘How to Word an Invitation for a Wine Tasting Evening’ guide, making invitations fun, informative and above all, easy to write.

How to write a wine tasting party invitation

Writing wine tasting party invitations need not be time-consuming and laborious, but fun and enticing with your use of language, creating excitement and hype before the event. We have offered the guidance below to help you write your wine tasting invite succinctly:

  • Choose a wine tasting party invitation template/design, which reflects the event clearly and instantly. For example, if you were hosting a themed wine tasting party, you could opt for an invitation displaying wine bottles from that region or famous landmarks from that country's capital.
  • Make your invitation stand out using photographs or pictures. This is especially important if you are sending invitations via e-mail. You don’t want the invite to get lost or ignored in someone’s inbox!
  • Make sure each invite is unique - personally addressed to the recipient of your invitation. You want to make each guest feel valued.
  • Ta-dah! The opening line should always catch their attention! Like a good book, the opening line is important. For instance, you could begin your invitation with an enticing line, “Grab your wine-tasting notebook and be prepared to travel around the world with wine (and fellow guests)” or perhaps a welcoming invite “We would love you to join us for a wine tasting party next month!” For those literary lovers, a poem always goes down well, “Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet. Join us for a wine-tasting soirée!"
  • Make sure you include the party’s address, contact details (email, phone, fax etc.) and the specific time and date of the event. These three pieces of information are the bare bones of any invitation. Think location, date and time.
  • If you would like guests to bring anything to the party, food or drink, write this on the invitation. For example, you could include that all guests are to bring cheese which reflects them. This is a great ice-breaker and a fabulous way to try different cheeses!
  • If you have a specific dress code for the evening, make sure you include this on the invitation. For example, you may want all of your guests in smart attire or perhaps a themed fancy dress to match your themed wine tasting party.
  • It is always best to let guests know whether food will be provided or not. We don’t want any rumbling stomachs!
  • Include an RSVP note at the bottom of the invitation. This will help you organise the event and cater for the correct number of people.

Invitation tips

  • Make your invitation as long or as short as you like. As long as you have included the three key pieces of information (date of the event, event location and time) on the invite, then your guests will know where to go and when!
  • You can create free invitations online at evite.
  • Send your invitations 4-5 weeks before the event. Set a date by which guests must reply; this will help you organise the food and wine tasting essentials in good time.
  • Make your invitation as informal or formal as you like.
  • Words really can make a difference so ask someone to read over your invitation once it is written. For example, you could label your party as a ‘wine tasting evening’. To make it exciting and enticing, it could be ‘an evening exploring the fine wines and foods of Bordeaux’.
  • If you ask guests to bring wine, you could specify a price range. For example, between £10- £40 per bottle.
  • Remind guests to arrive promptly. Having all of the wines (and guests) at the beginning of the tasting is important.
  • If you find a tip that we haven’t listed, then please let us know!

We hope you enjoy your wine tasting evening. Have a look at our wine Tasting Party at Home Guide’, ‘How to Taste Wine’ and ‘What Are the Best Appetisers to Serve at a Wine Tasting Party’ for more information and useful ideas.