Fondis Wine Cellar Air Conditioner Unit - WINEIN50+


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Code: WINEIN50

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2 Year Guarantee

  • For Cellars up to 50m3*
  • Programming for two speed fan
  • High performance integrated display
  • Accessories kit: Time saving and optimal insulation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Maintains a constant temperature in the cellar between 8 and 15°C
  • Humidity control: Condensation of moisture excess and evacuation to the outside
  • Anti-vibration system mounted on rubber shock absorbers
  • Ecological refrigerant gas ( R407C without CFC)
  • Easy maintenance with a dust filter on drawer for easy access and cleaning as well as a single filter to be replaced once a year
  • Unit sits on the Floor
  • It's recommended that you check and clean filters every 4 months and change them once a year

Unit Dimensions: H: 1044mm x W: 500mm x D: 428mm

Please allow 3 - 4 days for delivery

Click to view the WINEIN50+ Fondis User Manual.

Fondis Wine Cellar Air Conditioner Unit - WINEIN50

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