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The best wine decanters for red wine

Here at Wineware, we’re just as mad about wine as our loyal customers; we know that even budding wine enthusiasts sometimes struggle when it comes to choosing the right wine decanter! With so much choice to choose from, it’s often tricky to find the… Read more

7 years ago by Lynsey

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Five of our Best: Corkscrews

Drinking wine is all about taking time to enjoy the finer things in life. Whilst some would prefer to rush open a bottle of the finest, we believe that the tools and rituals that have been traditionally associated with wine drinking greatly enhance the… Read more

9 years ago by Lynsey

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Would Obama get drunk & add you on Facebook?

That’s what thousands of Chinese web users wanted to know in October this year Basically just before Obama’s recent visit to china in November, the Chinese Internet users were asked to submit their questions to the 44th President. These questions… Read more

10 years ago by Lynsey

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The BBC says White wine Bad for the teeth

“Pale plonk packs an acidic punch!” say the BBC. Well, it does and it doesn’t. It also depends on the types of wine grapes as to how acidic the wine is and how long the wine is held in the mouth, as to how much damage is done. For example, wine… Read more

11 years ago by Lynsey

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