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Eisch Glas is a German Glass manufacturing company who provide us here at Wineware with stunning Decanters and great decanting accessories, both for wine and whisky. It becomes clear that glassmaking at Eisch is more than the manufacture of consumable items – the love of the material and the craft is evident. At Eisch, glassmaking is associated with humanity, liveliness and individuality, and sees its meaning in beauty and aesthetics. The centre of attention is not the monotonous beat of machine, but the person who is doing the work.

Please Note, if you require any other products manufactured by Eisch Glas which are not listed on our pages; please contact us, as we are more than likely to be able to source them for you. Please also note that this unfortunately cannot be promised to already discontinued items.
Eisch Glas Crystal Loop Wine Decanter 1L

Eisch Glas Crystal Loop Wine Decanter 1L

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