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How to keep wine cool


  • Keeping wine cool whilst serving is vital to enjoying it to its fullest, especially for White Wine, Rosé, Champagne and other sparkling wine.
  • Using a wine cooler bucket or cooler sleeve will keep wine cool whilst serving.
  • A Wine Cabinet / Refrigerator will keep wine cool before serving, storing it at the perfect temperature.

There are two reasons to keep wine cool before serving, so it’s cool while it's being stored and keeping it cool whilst you're serving your wine at the dinner table. This affects both red and white wine and red wine more so whilst it's being stored and white wine whilst being served. Red wine should be served at room temperature, while white wine should be served chilled.

How to keep wine cool: Whilst Serving

Keeping white wine and rosé chilled at the dinner table is vital to enjoying it to its maximum; there are various ways of keeping wine cool whilst serving that Wineware offer.

Wine Cooler Bucket

Wineware Wine Cooling Bucket

This traditional method of using a wine bucket is probably the most popular, whether at home or in a restaurant/bar environment. Usually available in a range of materials, including plastic, metal or glass, the wine cooler bucket can sit on the dinner table while enjoying your meal. The bottle sits in a bucket of ice and cold water, cooling the bottle of wine.

Step by step, how to use a wine cooler bucket

  1. Place your bottle (white wine, rosé or champagne) in the centre of the bucket.
  2. Add ice to the bucket, making sure the bottle is surrounding.
  3. Add a little bit of cold water to the bucket.

Wine Cooler Sleeve

VacuVin Wine Bottle Cooler Sleeve

This is a modern way of cooling wine, time convenient and keeps the wine cool for up to 2 hours. Store the cooler sleeve in the freezer until use, place over a bottle of white wine, and instantly cools the wine within 5 minutes! This is great if you have a sudden arrival of guests or you’ve forgotten to cool the wine before dinner; it also means you don’t have to have mass storage space for a wine cooler as this sleeve will take up next to no space in the freezer!

Step by step, how to use a wine cooler sleeve

  1. Store the cooler sleeve in the freezer for at least 4 hours
  2. Place the chilled cooler sleeve over your bottle.
  3. Wait 5 minutes before serving your chilled wine.

How to keep wine cool: Before Serving

Storing wine to keep it cool

Keeping the wine cool and at the correct storage temperature is vital for the longevity of the wine; you don’t want it to get too warm or too cold. Using a wine cabinet is ideal for keeping wine cool, whether it be red wine, white wine or champagne.

Perfect wine storage temperatures:

  • Red wine between 13˚C < 17˚C
  • White wine between 8˚C < 12˚C
  • Champagne & Dessert wine between 5˚C < 8˚C

Perfect wine serving temperatures:

  • Red wine between 14˚C < 18˚C
  • White wine between 7˚C < 11˚C
  • Champagne & Dessert wine between 5˚C < 7˚C

You can find more information on our wine storage temperature guide.

Click here if you would like more information and to see Winewares regarding cooling wine products.

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