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Vacu Vin Decanting


Discarding a half-finished bottle of wine is inexcusable; unless you want to finish it in a sitting, you need a good preservation method. Without it, the wine is doomed to go bad. Vacu Vin is the easiest and most practical solution. Vacu Vin produces a fantastic re-sealing system for opened bottles of wine and consists of a rubber stopper containing a one-way valve and an extraction pump to create a partial vacuum within the bottle. Vacu Vin offers a whole host of other great wine accessories.

Please note, if you require any other products manufactured by Vacu Vin that are not listed on our pages, please contact us, as we are more than likely to source them for you. Please also note that this, unfortunately, cannot be promised to already discontinued items.

Vacu Vin Champagne & Sparkling Wine Saver / Pourer / Stopper

21 in stock | Code: 6214

Was £14.99 incl. VAT £11.99 incl. VAT

Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Active Beer Cooler Sleeve

12 in stock | Code: 6273

Was £5.99 incl. VAT £4.79 incl. VAT

Vacu Vin Wine Aerator / Pourer

19 in stock | Code: 6244

Was £12.99 incl. VAT £10.39 incl. VAT

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