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CellarStak Wine Racks


CellarStak wine racks are brand new to the UK...with three 'home packs' available in sets of 12/15, 35/36 and 55/60 bottles, they allow you to design and build any size/configuration of the wine rack with confidence so that you can fit it to your requirement. The CellarStak are single bottle depth's and can take wine, champagne and half bottles! A set of helpful wall brackets are included with each pack; Wineware recommends using these to prevent accidents and provide stability. Exclusive to Wineware in the UK.

CellarStak 55 / 60 Bottle Plastic Wine Rack - Black

68 in stock | Code: CELLARSTAK-55/60

£130.00 incl. VAT

CellarStak 35 / 36 Bottle Plastic Wine Rack - Black

110 in stock | Code: CELLARSTAK-35/36

Was £100.00 incl. VAT £85.00 incl. VAT

CellarStak 12 / 15 Bottle Plastic Wine Rack - Black

44 in stock | Code: CELLARSTAK-12/15

£40.00 incl. VAT

CellarStak Plastic Wine Rack Feet - Set of 10

34 in stock | Code: CELLARSTAK-FEET

£7.00 incl. VAT

CellarStak Plastic Wine Rack Top Plates - Set of 10

29 in stock | Code: CELLARSTAK-TOP-PLATE

£9.00 incl. VAT

CellarStak Plastic Wall Brackets - Set of 10


£9.00 incl. VAT

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