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Wine Bags


Wineware’s selection of wine bags/wine carrying solutions offer great wine bottle protection and allows you to safely and effectively transport bottles of wine. The wineskin padded vinyl protective sleeve is a simple solution for reducing the risk of breaking virtually any 750ml bottle of wine or spirit. This wine bottle protector is an air-cushioned, no puncture bag that allows you to transport bottles in a suitcase or bag in your checked luggage on a flight.

Alternatively, the wine bottle travel bag is designed to be used in ‘checked in’ luggage on a flight and allows for safely carrying bottles of wine, champagne and even olive oil! All of our Wine Transportation Bags are compact and lightweight. If you have a hankering for bringing home a couple of your favourite bottles of wine from your holiday, then we’d definitely recommend our wine bottle protectors when travelling as they significantly reduce the risks of breaking your precious wine bottles whilst travelling!

WineSkin Wine Bottle Protection / Transport Bag

2603 in stock | Code: WINESKIN

£3.95 incl. VAT

WineSkin Reusable Wine Bottle Protection / Transport Bag

81 in stock | Code: WINESKIN-RE

£6.95 incl. VAT

Blind Wine Tasting Bottle Sleeves / Covers 1-10

Available for pre-order | Code: 4003

£36.50 incl. VAT

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