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How to look after wine labels

Protecting your wine labels

  • Use cellar sleeves to protect wine bottle labels.
  • Keeping the label of a bottle in pristine condition is vital to the value of a bottle.

For people who enjoy collecting and selling wine, looking after the wine label is of great importance and, not to mention, value. You can lower the price of a bottle of wine significantly if the label is snagged, ripped or damaged in any way. This is also the same story for restaurants, pubs and bars serving wine. People will not want to pay for a bottle of wine if it is not presented in pristine condition. This guide offers advice on how you can protect your wine labels for many years to come.

What is the best way to look after wine labels?

Using cellar sleeves is the best way to preserve your bottles of wine, keeping them in pristine condition. Your bottles are kept free from dust, with the labels protected from any spillages or stains. Cellar sleeves are straightforward to use and are a cost-effective way to look after your wine bottles. Place your bottle into a cellar sleeve, slip on a wine bottle neck tag (we sell these separately) and then pull the end of the sleeve tightly. By pulling the hole in the neck tag, you remove any air around the bottle. The capsule is still exposed to the air; however, the bulk of the bottle is protected. These sleeves are re-useable so that you can use them time and time again. Our wine bottle neck tags are the best way to identify your bottles.

Simple steps to protecting your wine labels

These are also re-useable, as each label is written on with a wiper pen. Not only do cellar sleeves and tags protect your bottles, but they also help to organise your wine bottle collection succinctly. We also have wine bottle sleeves made from a net-like material (polypropylene), which you can use to stop snagging when withdrawing from a wine rack or for transport.

Why do people save wine labels?

People keep wine bottle labels for several reasons, including they want to remember their favourite bottles of wine, the wine labels are sometimes used to decorate wine cellar doors, the labels can be kept in a special 'wine book’ to record different wines and their tastes, and finally, they can serve as a memory, kept from a special occasion or celebration, i.e. a wedding or anniversary.

How do I remove wine labels?

How to safely remove wine labelsThe wine journal wine label removers are the answer to removing and keeping wine labels. You will always remember those exceptional bottles of wine with this handy book. Removing wine bottle labels is easy and can be completed in four simple steps:

1. Peel off the backing label and apply it to the wine bottle firmly.

2. Rub thoroughly with a cork or similar utensil for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

3. Wait five minutes before removing the label carefully.

4. Apply the label to the journal entry.

You can make notes beside the label if you wish. Browse our wine rack accessories for a whole array of products designed to help with preserving and look after wine bottle collections.