Now is the perfect time to sip fine wines amongst good company. Whether you are hosting your own wine tasting party for friends, relatives or clients you will need wine tasting invitations. An invitation is the best way to inform your guests about your exclusive wine tasting event and make it a formal yet fun occasion. These invitations will also entice your guests and create a ‘buzz’ around your evening/event.


 Five Exclusive Wine Tasting Evening Invitations


The graphics featured on your wine tasting invitation instantly inform your guests about the theme of the event and what they are likely to expect. This invitation clearly illustrates that there may be wine accompanied by a variety of cheeses, perfect if you fancy hosting a wine and cheese evening! We also have a blog with informed wine and cheese pairings.

Available from: Fine Stationary


Online wine tasting invitations are the best way to keep a detailed (electronic record) of your event. You can choose from a wide selection of invitation designs and all RSVP’s are available to view online. With the click of a button you have your wine tasting evening planned!

Available from: Evite


A simple elegant design can inform your guests on how formal the event will be. This classic wine glass invitation is truly eye-catching and mesmerising, we would love to receive this!

Available from: Zazzle


Modern typography wine invitations are ideal for wine merchants and shops hosting wine tasting events. They look smart, informative and above all professional.

Available from: Purple Trail


To make sure your invitation does not get lost in the post why not use jumbo wine invitations? These large invitations will definitely grab your guests’ attention, if not the postman’s! Each invitation features a translucent wine bottle and wine glass made of sturdy plastic against a bunch of red grapes made of cardstock. Wine lovers and enthusiasts will love this realistic design.

Available from: Party City



What to include in your Wine Tasting Invitation

1. First and foremost make a personal address to the recipient of your invitation. Make it short and snappy but personal. You want each guest to feel valued at your wine tasting event.

2. Include the type of wine tasting that will be taking place. Is there a specific theme such as a particular wine producing country? Do you require guests to provide bottles? Or it could even be to simply inform guests of a set dress code. The more information you provide the more interested your guests will be!

3. An important point to include is whether food will be provided. Tasting and drinking wine can be hungry work so let your guests know what you are planning to serve alongside the beverages.

4. Let your guests know if they need to bring anything. For example you may want guests to bring a bottle of wine each; this could be a good opportunity to try new wines. Inviting guests to bring items also creates a more personal evening and encourages group discussions.

5. The three key pieces of information which should be in bold on your invitation are; the location, the date and the time. You want to make sure your guests know exactly when and where the wine tasting event is taking place. It is a good idea to include directions to the location if needed. A map is always invaluable on the back of an invitation (if possible)!

6. For your own preparation and knowledge make sure you include RSVP at the bottom of the invitation. State clearly how you would like to be contacted (phone, email, text) and by when (set a date). Knowing how many people are attending will help you with preparations for the event.



Need more help?

We can offer advice on hosting your own wine tasting event suggesting the appropriate glassware to use or advising which wine accessories could be beneficial to your evening. If you require further advice on anything mentioned above or information regarding any of the products on offer at Wineware then please contact us.