Drinking a sweet glass of Port always tastes that little bit better in the winter. The log fire is burning, Christmas decorations are up, and a glass of Port…it’s a British tradition! Our long history dates back to the 17th century; most of the leading Port producers used to be, and some still are, British-owned. Nowadays, Port is produced all around the World, including Australia, France and the USA. However, due to European regulations, only a Port made in the Douro Valley in Portugal can officially be classified as a Port. Therefore, ‘Ports’ that are not made in Porto are classified as a type of fortified wine.

Drinking Port once a year at Christmas is typical in many households, but enjoying it fully is only possible using the correct type of glassware. You can use a standard wine glass but won’t receive the most extraordinary taste or aroma without using the appropriate glass.

About Port

Port glasses typically hold a smaller amount of liquid than wine glasses. Port has a much richer flavour and a higher alcohol percentage, so a smaller serving of Port is accepted. The tastes and aromas you usually find in Port feature raspberry, blackberry, caramel, cinnamon and chocolate! Port typically has an alcohol percentage between 19% and 22% compared to wine, which is generally between 12% and 14%.

What is the best glass for Port?

Here at Wineware, we stock many fortified wine glasses, perfect for Port, Sherry, Madeira and more. The Schott Zwiesel Official Port Glass is our most popular glass for Port. Designed by award-winning Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza Vieira, he has applied his creative skills to produce a glass that enhances the port drinking experience!

The advantage of using glass like this is that you’ll get a great taste on the palate and an equally good nose. The shape and design of the glass make it a perfect-tasting port glass. In addition, the glasses are made from Tritan crystal, which is dishwasher safe and offers brilliant clarity to take in the colours!

If you’re looking for the best glass for Port, why not try the Schott Zwiesel Official Port Glass and see for yourself?


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