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Best Gin Distillery Tours in the UK

The popularity of gin in the UK is at an all-time high, with different varieties and new brands entering the market. An increased number of distilleries have appeared across the country, with some opening their doors to allow the general public to tour…. Read more

3 weeks ago by Mark

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The Best Vineyards in Kent!

Kent is best known as the ‘Garden of England’, a phrase first used by Henry VIII for the relative abundance of fruit-growing and fertile farmland. Famous for landmarks such as Canterbury Cathedral, Leeds and Dover Castle, and the famous White… Read more

1 month ago by Mark

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The Best Vineyards in Sussex!

Sussex is home to many glorious things, Goodwood racecourse, Brighton Pier, Seven Sisters Cliffs, Arundel Castle and a whole host of cracking vineyards dotted across the two counties East and West Sussex. Wineware, based in the heartland of one of the… Read more

2 months ago by Mark

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The Best Gin Gifts

In today’s World, Gin has never been so popular, there are seemingly endless amounts of options and flavours available for our palate to indulge! Everyone’s got a favourite Gin, a go to tipple whether enjoying on the sofa or on a night out with friends…. Read more

1 year ago by Mark

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A Brief History of Japanese Whisky

Japan is relatively ‘new’ to Whisky Production when compared with the traditional whisky-producing countries of Scotland, Ireland and the USA; however, by ‘new’, we mean over 95 years ago since the first single malt distillery… Read more

1 year ago by Mark

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Gin is King!

  If the Gin wave hasn’t hit you in the UK over the past 18/24 months, then you’re certainly missing out! According to the WSTA (Wine and Spirit Trade Association), sales of Gin in the UK was over £1.5 billion (roughly 55 million bottles)… Read more

2 years ago by Mark

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Zalto Glasses used on TV’s, The Wine Show!

The glasses featured on the second series of the popular channel 5 show The Wine Show were none other than Zalto. The host, wine guru Joe Fattorini absolutely loves Zalto glasses and is only too happy to let his 13,000+ followers know on Twitter!  … Read more

3 years ago by Mark

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