Wine is bottled in a variety of different sized bottles, the wine you and I purchase off the shelf in wine merchants, supermarkets and the like are the 750ml ‘standard’ size wine bottle, but there are many more different sizes available.

Bottled wine ranges from 187.5ml which is referred to as ‘Split’ and is typical 1 glass, all the way up to 15L which is referred to as ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ and is equal to twenty (yes 20!) bottles which is roughly 100 glasses of wine!

Obviously the larger bottles are not as common as the standard bottles but they are available for certain wines and champagnes, like the Moet and Chandon Nebuchadnezzar for example, currently just £1,200.00 per bottle!

What are the different bottle sizes?



Wine Bottle Sizes Chart

Capacity Name Description Amount of glasses
187.5ml Split Usually for single glasses of Champagne (referred to as Piccolo in Italian) 1
375ml Half Holds half a standard size bottle (referred to as ‘Demi’ in France) 2
750ml Standard Universal bottle size for most wines around the World 5
1.5L Magnum Double the standard bottle 10
3.0L Double Magnum Two Magnums or four standard bottles 20
4.5L Jeroboam Six standard bottles 30
6.0L Imperial Eight standard bottles or two Double Magnums 40
9.0L Salmanazar Twelve standard bottles 60
12.0L Balthazar Sixteen standard bottles or two Imperials 80
15.0L Nebuchadnezzar Twenty standard bottles 100

About the Wine Bottle sizes names

Traditional the different sized wine bottles have been named after Biblical kings and historical figures, as shown below:

Jeroboam First King of The Kingdom
Salmanzar Assyrian King
Balthazar One of The Wise Men
Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon

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