Gift ideas for Father’s Day

It’s the time of the year again to treat Dad to a gift for Father’s Day! If you’re looking for something a bit different that’s drink related, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Here at Wineware we have a great selection… Read more

3 years ago by Mark

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Wine Bottle Sizes Guide

Wine is bottled in a variety of different sized bottles, the wine you and I purchase off the shelf in wine merchants, supermarkets and the like are the 750ml ‘standard’ size wine bottle, but there are many more different sizes available. Bottled wine… Read more

4 years ago by Mark

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The ideal glassware for Burgundy wines

The region of Burgundy is famous for producing both great white and red wines, predominantly the chardonnay grape for white wine and the pinot noir grape for red wine. The region is small compared to the likes of Bordeaux, but it still produces approximately… Read more

5 years ago by Mark

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What is the best way to store glassware?

To enjoy your favourite wine, you need to use your best wine glasses, but making sure they stay in one piece, undamaged and in top condition can be quite a challenge, or is it? We’ve all been there, you’ve grabbed your favourite bottle of red, popped… Read more

7 years ago by Mark

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How to improve your wine knowledge

Wine is a very complex and detailed subject which can be debated at length due to the differing opinions and attitudes. Each individual is different; one person may prefer one thing but might not like another. Just like food, different taste buds and… Read more

7 years ago by Mark

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White Wine with Fish

Pairing Wine with Fish this Summer!

With summer comes the long, warm and relaxing evenings where you find yourself opting for a lighter meal or dinner. Fish is a great option as it is nutritious and healthy and is ideal for BBQs or dinner parties. We love pairing wine with fish and have… Read more

7 years ago by Rebecca

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