World Whisky Day is a global event one day a year that invites anyone and everyone to try a dram (or bottle!) of whisky, the water of life. Large and small Whisky events will take place all across the World, celebrating the great experience of drinking whisky. So we certainly encourage you to do so if you’d like to attend an organised #WorldWhiskyDay event or enjoy a bottle with your friends.

World Whisky Day – Saturday, 20th May 2023

#WorldWhiskyDay was created by Blair Bowman whilst studying in Aberdeen, Scotland, as recently as 2012. The idea of the day is to encourage new and old whisky lovers to enjoy some great whiskies and embrace the drinking experience. Traditionally, whisky is considered an older gentleman’s tipple of choice, but more and more bars and restaurants welcome whisky and add it to their selection.

When is #WorldWhiskyDay?

Saturday – 20th May 2023.


How do I take part in #WorldWhiskyDay?

You can find a World Whisky Day event near you by visiting the official website, so why not go along with a few friends and taste some great whisky?! We’re sure you’ll meet many like-minded people embracing the day, some new and some old, to the World of Whisky!


I’ve never tried whisky before, is that OK?

The idea of founder Blair Bowman is to give everybody a chance to try whisky! You might not usually drink it or only at any particular time of the year; it might even convert you!


What are the best Whisky Glasses?

There are many different glasses available for whisky; here at Wineware, we stock a great and varied selection, from the award-winning Glencairn Whisky Glass to the new Norlan Whisky Glass!

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What are the top 5 Whisky Questions for Beginners?

What’s the difference between Whisky and Whiskey?

Nothing! Different countries spell it a little differently. Generally, the rule of thumb is that if a country has an ‘e’ in its name, it usually spells Whiskey with an ‘e’ in it – i.e. America – whiskey – Japan – Whisky.


Why do people add Water to their Whisky?

To slightly dilute the strong alcohol – water, even in a minimal amount, sometimes makes the whisky appear rounder and smoother and enhances the flavour. However, it is purely personal to each drinker – some like it straight, and some like to add a little water.


Where is Whisky made?

Access to a good water source and the necessary raw ingredients such as barley or alternative cereal crops. Scotland, Ireland, the USA and Japan are the most popular Whisky producers in the World!


What are the different types of Whisky?

Single Malts, Blends and Grain.


Are there any similarities between Whisky and Wine?

Not really! Many casks that have held wine in a previous life are commonly used in the maturing process of Single Malt whiskies; this is probably one of the only links between the two.


If you’ve organised your own or are attending a World Whisky Day event, let us know and share your experiences! Use our social channels to get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!