We received a fantastic response to our Christmas wine and cheese pairing competition and would like to thank everyone who entered. Your entries were all to a very high standard and demonstrated how wine and cheese make the perfect combination. The judging panel did deliberate (and squabble) over the winning photograph as it was a very difficult decision. You did not make our task easy by any means, and definitely left our taste buds tingling and stomachs rumbling.
However, after judging and rating each wine and cheese pairing photograph on its quality and contents we can now announce *drumroll please* that the winner is…

Wine and Cheese Pairing Winner – Kelly Martin

A sampling of brie with Sauvignon Blanc, served alongside pickled onions and an assortment of crackers.

Pairing of Sauvignon Blanc and brie

What one of our judges thought, “this is a refreshing combination. The tangy Sauvignon Blanc is paired well with the soft brie. We love the idea of serving with pickled onions and crackers as an after dinner cheeseboard. It is a pairing which definitely works and has got us feeling rather ravenous! This wine is also one of, if not the most versatile white wines for matching with cheese, or food in general. It is great for a drinks party and is always what I serve alongside canapés. Well done Kelly for your pairing, it is well-presented and is a great choice.


The judges felt these combinations excelled in both the pairing suggestion and presentation.
Delicious combo of Pouilly Fume and brie


We love the simplicity of this wine and cheese pairing (and our own invite); a fruity glass of Pouilly Fumé with brie de meaux served alongside a bunch of grapes and cream crackers.







We really want to try this tasty combination of taleggio cheese and a glass of red Concha Y Toro. It is beautifully presented and looks ideal for an indulgent weekend lunch.






Red wine and cheddar

This pairing made our stomachs rumble indeed!

A fitting description was also provided:

A strong traditional mature cheddar cheese served with a Syrah/Grenache based wine from the vineyards of southern France in the Languedoc region, where the grapes benefit from plenty of sunshine and warmth.  The cheese and wine complement each other very well and provide a perfect supper.




Combination of Stilton, cheddar and Champagne



This is a mouth-watering feast to judge; a fantastic and plentiful selection of stilton, Champagne, cheddar,
onion chutney and juicy red grapes. Can we be invited to this next time please?





Creative entries

Of course we are extremely impressed to see how our competition inspired pairings ‘outside of the box’. Here are two pairings which caught our eye for their creativity:

Vodka jelly and cheese

Damson vodka jelly and Lincolnshire Poacher


Music and a glass of wine

What a combo!










Have you tried either of these? Let us know via our Twitter page!

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to enter our wine and cheese pairing competition and hope you had as much fun as we did! Remember wine and cheese isn’t just for Christmas.