Wineware’s Managing Director, Chris Wellman, tells us about his latest wine discovery from last weekend.

We’ve all been there – everyone is browsing the menu and the one participant who knows a little bit more than the rest about wine normally gets handed the wine list to choose the wine for everyone. A split second decision on whether to go for red or white or sometimes both is quickly agreed upon and the wine list holder does the rest trying to be fairly conservative with all the diners’ budgets.

Littlehampton restaurant 47 Mussel RowThis happened last week at a great restaurant in Littlehampton called 47 Mussel Row but a strange thing happened. I ended up choosing a meal to go with the wine rather than the more normal – wine to go with a meal. All the others were picking their meal of choice and subconsciously hoping the wine I chose would go with their options whereas I ‘cheated’ and chose the wine first and then my meal. The reason for this is purely the wine I came across on the wine list – Nieto. This was like bumping into an old friend you hadn’t seen for ages. This wine is reliable, trustworthy and one you can always depend on whatever the vintage. It isn’t cheap nor is it crazily expensive. Once spotted there wasn’t anything else considered and I must admit that I didn’t bother looking any further for an alternative. After checking again after the meal I must say that the wine list is very good and whatever your choice of fair there are many great wines that would complement most dishes well. If you’re in the Littlehampton area be sure to give this cracking restaurant a visit – well worth a trip!

Table settings and layout, 47 Mussel Row

Why should I try this wine?

Review Nieto Reserva Malbec 2011You definitely need to check out Nieto, which in a restaurant is typically priced around the £20 to £25.00 mark, but can normally be picked up retail at £8.00 – £11.00. This wine offers exceptionally good value and is the Bronze Winner in the International Wine Challenge Awards – it is a really fruity, deeply plum coloured Malbec from Mendoza in Argentina. There is a mixture of plum, dried raisins and fig flavours on the nose with a vanilla tinge to the final taste. A long finish whilst being a very elegant, level, balanced, round wine. Truly great value for money and one of the best and one of my most favourite Malbecs I’ve come across! This wine is available locally through Hennings Wine amongst many other fantastic choices such as Molly Brown’s Wine List and All About Wine.

Food pairing recommendation: fillet steak alongside a glass of this wine; a match made in heaven.

Give it a try

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