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Plastic Wine Bottle Neck Tags (Smaller) - Set of 100


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  • Height: 83mm 3 1/4"
  • Width: 50mm 2"
  • Hole in the middle 36mm 1 5/16"
  • Material: Plastic

These plastic wine bottle neck tags allow you to easily and quickly identify your selection of wines stored in a wine rack. When stored horizontally, you're able to read the neck tags on the end of each bottle without disturbing the sediment. The plastic bottle tags are especially good for dry cellars and storage areas. These wine bottle neck tags arereversible, so once you’ve used one side, simply turn them over and use the other side!

Do you need a Pen for your Wine Bottle Neck Tags?

See the resusable tags in action: 



Does the job neatly

The smaller label has enough room to write a description (assuming your writing is not large). I bought it with the recommended pen, and tested re-use: it wipes completely clean. A pencil could probably work too.

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