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What you need to set up a Wine Bar / Restaurant Guide

  • Glassware, wine racking, wine coolers/buckets, glass hanging racks, glassware cleaning accessories and a wine cabinet are must-haves for setting up your own wine bar.
  • A selection of different glasses for the different drinks you will serve, wine, champagne, beer, gin etc.
  • Contact us today for our trade price list!

Wineware is a wholesale barware supplier, so whether you’re looking to start from scratch and create your very own place, or you’ve already got a bar or restaurant. You’re looking to expand or improve, and we’re sure we have a great selection of items that are suitable for you, from trade glasses to wine racking and glass storage racks to glass cleaning tools!

What do you need to set up a Wine Bar / Restaurant?

Barware - GlasswareThe right glassware

Glassware is crucial if you’re supplying a good range of different drinks, whether it’s a variety of different wine’s, beers, whiskies and the like. Providing a set of good quality glasses that will not only look the part when serving your customers, but they will also last a good amount of time when being used at a high demand. They need to be dishwasher proof and cared for as best as possible; otherwise, replacing them time and time again will soon become expensive and time-consuming.

The right quantity of glassware

You don’t want to run out of glasses on a busy night or period during service, so dependent on the number of covers, or You should dictate customer space on the number of glasses you should hold. It would help if you had the most amount of glasses for your best-selling wine or drink. To keep things simple, maybe 1 glass for red and 1 glass for white to start with to see what you sell more of, then expand your glass collection to suit your customer’s sales patterns.

Barware - Wine RacksWine Rack

To keep your wine collection neat and tidy, a wine rack is essential! If you’re storing your wine away from the front of house in a separate room out the back or underground, it still needs to be clearly labelled and tidied away so when you’ve got a customer; it’s quick and easy to serve. It adds a great visual appeal to the bar area if you are storing your wine behind the bar in racks. We have a great selection of different types of wine racks made from wood, metal and other materials.

Wine Coolers / Buckets

A wine cooler is a great way to serve a bottle of wine in a sophisticated and stylish way, adding a touch of class to the occasion. Whether it’s plastic or stainless steel, using a wine bucket is ideal for White Wine as its most enjoyable when chilled.

Barware - Glass Storage RacksGlass Storage Racks

Storing your glasses in a safe place is vital to maintaining your collection; replacing broken stems can become very expensive if it’s a reoccurring problem. We believe that one of the safest ways to store glasses is in glass racks; not only are your glasses safely stored, but they also add a great visual element to the bar area too. With racks potentially holding up to 24 stems, you can bulk store glasses in one safe place, whether it's for red wine, white wine, champagne, beer or more!

Glass cleaning tools

Keeping your glassware sparkling clean is actually a lot easier than you think when using the correct tools. Whether it’s a microfibre glass cleaning cloth that thoroughly cleans and is scratch-free or the restaurant crystal clean liquid solution that leaves no dirty marks or lines on your glasses once they’ve been washed, it really does add a great lasting impression on people if you provide sparkling clean and clear glasses with their selection of wine.

Barware - Wine CabinetWine Cabinet

Serving Wine at the correct temperature is vital to the enjoyment; red Wines are usually best served between 15°C and 18°C with White Wines between 5°C and 10°C. Using a specialised wine cabinet that stores wine at the correct temperature is not only great for the wine, but it adds a visual aspect to your restaurant or bar, potentially gaining more customers opting for wine. You can also store sparkling wine and champagne within wine cabinets too; storing capacities for some cabinets is over 200 bottles, so it's a worthwhile investment.


If you’re looking to open up a bar or restaurant and looking for a Barware wholesaler, look no further than Wineware for a professional service from start to finish. We will help you find the right glasses for you, provide some great wine racking options and even give you hints and tips on how to keep your glassware sparkling!

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