Gin has never been so popular; there are seemingly endless amounts of options and flavours available for our palate to indulge! Everyone’s got a favourite Gin, a go-to tipple whether enjoying on the sofa or a night out with friends. Unfortunately, we’re not in a position to offer gin. However, we’ve got a great job presenting the very best gin gifts and accessories to partner your gin to enhance your tasting experience.

We’ve got a great selection of Gifts for Gin Lovers; perfect your favourite gin drinker. From the modern Copa gin glasses to the traditional, slimline tumbler, as well as Gin and Tonic scented candles for your home or an educational Gin nosing kit!


Modern Gin and Tonic Copa GlassesSchott Zwiesel Bar Special Gin and Tonic / Copa Glass

With a hand in hand help from the gin boom, the now-familiar Copa gin glass is used up and down the country as a must-have when mixed with tonic. These wide bowl gin glasses allow lots of garnishes and ice to be thrown in with the mix to make the gin come alive. So whether you’re adding a slice of cucumber or some zesty orange or lime into the mix, these glasses are ideal for the gin drinker who likes a garnish and plenty of cool ice.

Pictured: Schott Zwiesel Bar Special Gin and Tonic / Copa Glass


Traditional Gin Slimline TumblersNachtmann Highland Cut Glass Long Drink Mixer Tumbler

When you think of slimline tumbler, you think traditional, vintage and retro. However, this type of glass is still popular and frequented for a tasty gin and tonic. In addition, you still have space to add some garnish and ice cubes; you may see these as more practical and easier to store/clean glass than the modern copa counterpart. The added advantage of this type of glassware is that it can double up as a general mixer or water glass.

Pictured: Nachtmann Highland Cut Glass Long Drink Mixer Tumbler



Scented Gin and Tonic CandlesVineyard Candles Gin & Tonic Scented Candle

The popular Gin and Tonic fragrance from Vineyard Candles have been created using the tasting notes and aromas from a famous Gin maker, Juniper, with subtle hints of coriander and citrus, the perfect gift for a gin lover! It was created using a luxury natural wax blended with the finest fragrances; it’s been poured by hand into a funky green glass with the rim polished by flame to create the perfect finish. With an estimated burn time of 80+ hours, what’s better than making your home smell of gin and tonic!

Pictured: Vineyard Candles Gin & Tonic Scented Candle


Educational Gin Nosing Aroma KitAroma Academy Gin Nosing Aroma Kit (24)

The route to expertise in gin lies in the ability to recognise the signature aromas found in gin. This Gin Aroma Kit from the brilliant Aroma Academy contains 24 aromas, treating the extensive spectrum found in the leading gins. So educate yourself and develop your aroma recognition skills, and ‘Master the Sense of Smell’! This would be an excellent gift for the very keen gin enthusiast, you know!

Pictured: Aroma Academy Gin Nosing Aroma Kit (24)


Cocktail Making & Serving KitCocktail Making & Serving Kit - 8 Piece

Fancy making some tasty Gin cocktails? Well, now you can, with ease! Thanks to this functional and practical 8-piece cocktail making and serving kit! It’s perfect for a beginner cocktail maker/bartender for use at home and includes all the essential tools to get you started. A 2-use jigger (25ml & 50ml), a strainer, Boston can, Boston glass, spoon, muddler and 2xS/Steel pourers!

Pictured: Cocktail Making & Serving Kit – 8 Piece



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