We’ve all been there; you’re enjoying your summer holiday in the sun discovering and tasting lots of new and exciting wines, but you can’t decide whether to buy a couple of bottles to bring home with you. In the past, you might not have thought it was possible, and if it was, it was always a bit of struggle to get them home safely and in one piece. With zero tolerances in taking more than 100ml of liquid as hand luggage on planes, your only option would be to wrap the bottles in towels and clothing within your suitcase and hope that they aren’t broken when you get home! So, what is the best wine protection?

I openly admit that I used to do this all time when on trips to such places as Porto, Bordeaux and Napa Valley in California. The great news is that there’s absolutely no need to do this anymore as now there are specialist bags and holders that are designed for exactly this – safely transporting wine in your suitcase! Wineware stock a great selection of different wine bottle protector / travel bags which are perfect for wines, olive oils, vinegars and other such bottled items which are susceptible to breakage whilst in transit.

Protect wine in your luggage
In my opinion, I still to this day can’t decide which one out of three different bottle protector bags that we currently stock is my favourite! I have used, and do still use all three for wine protection when I’m on my travels to my favourite regions around the World.

The JetBag is a totally sealable bag that has a protective layer where the bottle sits, it can soak up to 750ml in liquid, so in case the bottle does accidently break there’s no liquid to clear up. If the worst doesn’t happen then it’s totally re-useable for your next trip!

The Wineskin, is again a totally sealable bag but it can only be used just the once. The seal is really strong so no liquid will escape if the bottle were to break; it has a bubble wrap type material inside giving the bottle great protection from base to neck.

Finally, there’s the blow up wine bottle travel bag, this one requires more effort as you have to blow the bag up (a bit like a lilo!) to give the bottle protection when in your case.

So, how to protect wine in luggage? Simply, use one of our many wine bottle travel bags, they protect wine bottles perfectly when stored in your suitcase / luggage when travelling by plane!

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