Winter is disappearing, and Spring is on the horizon; thoughts turn towards a day to say thank you to our Mums, Mother’s Day! Mothering Sunday falls on Sunday 27th March 2022 in the UK, and it’s the ideal opportunity to return the favour and show her just how much she means to you. Why not treat Mum to a thoughtful gift so she can enjoy her wine in style, or why not spoil her with a set of brand new gin glasses!

5 Great Mother’s Day Gifts from Wineware…

Spanish Style Gin and Tonic Glasses


Gin has recently taken off in the UK, with Gin bars appearing in every town and city across the country, with more varieties of Gin to choose from than ever before. Gin specific glasses are now ‘a thing’, a dedicated glass for your G&T. The ever-popular wide bowled Spanish style gin and tonic glasses are a must, and we have a great choice!

“Lovely Spanish balloon gin and tonic glasses.”

“Superb glasses for G&T!”

“Fabulous gin glasses, durable and nice to hold.”

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Glass Tea and Coffee Cups


As we’ve been stuck at home more than usual lately, our intake of tea and coffee is probably at an all-time high! German brand Stolzle has four different double-wall glass Tea and Coffee cups, suitable for all your favourites. Espresso, cappuccino, herbal teas and much more! So if your Mum loves a latte or a flat white to start her morning, our collection of tea and coffee cups would make a great gift this Mothering Sunday.

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Eisch Glas Crystal Wine Decanters

Our most popular Wine Decanters are the stunning handmade crystal pieces from the German brand Eisch Glas. Made entirely by hand in the world-renowned area of Bavaria, our collection of wine decanters would make the perfect gift for Mum. The traditional shape and style of the Decanters will enhance the red wine-drinking experience. The bowl’s wide surface area allows the wine to aerate, and the shape will enable you to pour into the glass effortlessly.

“Elegant and beautiful!”

“Beautiful decanter; wide surface area ensures good aeration without undue waiting. A worthy addition to any dining table.”

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Wineware Waiter’s Friend Double Lever Corkscrew


Our very own Waiter’s Friend corkscrew is an essential tool for any keen wine drinker! Admittedly, Screwcap bottles are becoming more popular, but the traditional wine producers still insist on the old-style cork closure. Not only does this give it a luxurious feel, but it does traditionally enclose the wine, exposing the liquid to the cork. Our exclusive double lever corkscrew has a rosewood handle and works efficiently in removing those stiff, tough corks. Boxed in its very own gift box, it makes a great present.

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Wine & Champagne Bottle Coolers


If your Mum loves a Sauvignon Blanc or a Prosecco, both White Wine & Sparkling wine is served best chilled. Once a bottle has been opened, it’s ideal to have a cooler on hand to keep the bottle chilled between topping up your glass. Instead of popping back to the fridge every time from the garden to top up the glass, a tabletop bottle cooler will save the bother, and the bottle is on hand! A helping of ice and water will keep the bottle of wine or bubbly chilled until it’s all gone!

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Wineware Gift Vouchers

If you’re still undecided on what to give on Mother’s Day, let her decide for herself with a gift voucher instead. We have gift vouchers available in the denomination of £10, £25 & £50 so let her choose the perfect present!

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