Storing wine glasses and other stemmed glassware can often be an issue if the space you have is limited. Why not use a wall or under your cupboards to store and keep your precious glassware. Using a wine glass hanging rack is not only a bit different; it’s practical and eye-catching too. The same can be said when you have little room to store your ever-growing wine collection. The VintageView Wine Racks allow you to hold your wine directly onto the wall in a horizontal position (perfect)! You can easily read which wine it is as the label is easily identifiable. Wineware has wall wine glass racks and wall wine bottle/display racks available to purchase online.

Shelf/Wall Wine Glass Hanging Rack

Traditionally glassware is stored within a cupboard or on the shelf, kept out of harm’s way so it can’t be knocked over and broken. Sometimes it’s only used for a special occasion or celebratory moment. However, if you’re limited on space and don’t have a suitable place to keep your wine and champagne glasses (stemmed glassware) or don’t know how to store wine glasses, then using a glass hanging rack is a great idea!

With the ability to store up to 24 glasses, let your glasses’ hang’ from the rack. The base of the glass rests on the rack with the bowl and rim seemingly sits in mid-air, not only creating a safe environment to store your glasses, but it’s also visually brilliant! This is popular not only at home in the kitchen but with bars and restaurants.

With space being limited, using glass hanging racks also creates a great visual display, adding a bit of character to the bar area. Glasses are easy to remove and add to within these racks, ideal for busy restaurants or bars.

The Wineware glass hanging racks have two fixing points. You can either install the rack under a shelf/cupboard or on the ceiling, so you screw vertically or directly onto the wall, so you attach the rack horizontally. Alternatively, you can fix the glass storage rack using both points if you wish for extra stability.


VintageView – Wall Mounted Wine Racks

VintageView wine racks are unique and ideal for bars and restaurants looking to create an eye-catching display for their wine display. What better way to get your customers talking about the wine they’re going to drink to accompany their meal than by creating a visual display ‘showing off’ what’s on offer.

This modern wine racking system allows you to view your wine labels and showcase your wine collection easily. Traditionally, wine is stored within a rack where it’s hard to identify which bottle. You can only see the top or cork of the bottle! Therefore, it’s a quick and easy process to find the wine you’re looking for.

The VintageView wine racking system is popular within the home and in the commercial sector with bars, pubs and restaurants. What better way than storing your collection with a wall wine rack.


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