LSA Stemless glasses

5 Beautiful Stemless Wine Glasses

A stemless wine glass is the younger sibling to the traditional stemmed wine glass. They never argue but sommeliers and wine merchants will often be heard arguing over the two glass variants. Stemless wine glasses are modern and stylish, offering a new… Read more

4 years ago by Rebecca

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Imbibe Live 2012 – Show Review

Imbibe Live 2012 is a definite must visit! Anyone connected with the Drinks Industry in the UK, if they’ve missed the opportunity this year, must make amends and make the effort to visit this great show in central London next year and in years to come…. Read more

5 years ago by Mark

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More Coloured Glassware!

More Coloured Glassware! LSA International has produced more stunning coloured glassware. The ‘Milo’ range has 4 different colours, Red, Pale Peacock, Pale Lime and Pale Heather. The 3-piece range includes a set of 4 Wine Glasses, set of 4 Water Tumblers… Read more

6 years ago by Mark

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