Do you remember the exact name of that exquisite bottle of Shiraz? You remember it had a mouth-watering pepper or blackberry taste pleasing your taste buds, but where was it from, France or Australia? Have you forgotten? Thankfully, there are a great range of free wine apps for your phone; so you can carry your wine knowledge with you everywhere!

Wineware have chosen the top 3 free wine apps for your Android or iPhone: HelloVino wine app, Vivino Wine Scanner and Wine Events. These three apps are ideal for all wine enthusiasts, from novices to wine experts and critics. All three mobile apps help towards the enjoyment of your wine, whether it is in a restaurant or in your own home.


HelloVino wine app for Android and iPhone

The HelloVino wine app is one of the best apps for offering wine recommendations instantly. The app is really easy to navigate and you can find your wine suggestion within a few minutes.

If you do not know the bottle of wine you require, you begin by choosing from the following options: wine with a meal/food, wine for an occasion, wine by taste preference, wine by type/variety or food and drink favourites.

The new, food and drink favourites section contains the most general settings when consuming wine, for example wine with comfort foods.

If you already have a bottle of wine, the HelloVino wine app will offer food pairings with your bottle. This is a fantastic idea in order to fully appreciate the flavours and aroma of your wine alongside your cuisine.



Wine Events for Android and iPhone

Wine Events is a fantastic app that allows you to find out where your nearest wine tasting event is. Users can easily set their current location by entering their city. The results can then be filtered by a set mile radius and this allows you to easily find events within a short distance of your location.

This app allows you to access full event details while on the go, and the location-based map means you can find your destination easily. Wine Events has also incorporated Facebook integration which allows you to ‘check in’ and read more on the event’s information. You can ‘check in’ to events in real time.

Wine Events is ideal for those interested, or wanting to attend wine tasting evenings. This app lists both free and ticketed wine tasting evenings, so is perfect for beginners and experts alike! Wineware find this app is great for bringing together your local wine tasting community. Perhaps you would like some practise before attending a wine tasting evening, why not purchase a Le Nez Du Vin 6 Aromas – Wine Aroma Kit or perhaps, Blind Wine Tasting Bottle Sleeves.

The app also has relevant information about upcoming dinners, tastings, festivals, classes, meetings, cooking tours and more. The events are listed by a wide range of people, including: restaurants, wineries, brewpubs, festival organisers, retailers and other event hosts. The website,, is the world’s largest calendar of food, wine, beer and spirit events.


Vivino Wine Scanner for Android and iPhone

The Vivino Wine Scanner is the perfect app to record the wines you enjoy, and also to make a note of those that were not satisfactory (ones to avoid)! The app is extremely user friendly; you simply photograph your bottle of wine and give it a rating (out of five stars). The Vivino Wine Scanner automatically records the name of the bottle of wine and the country of origin. User generated content is available, detailing where the wine can be purchased, prices etc. The nearby feature can be used to find out the selection of wines available in a restaurant or supermarket near you.

Wineware highly recommend the Vivino Wine Scanner to record all of your favourite bottles of wine. You can add these to your favourite list, so they are all in one convenient place. This will make ordering wine in a restaurant or bar, quick and easy; with your most loved bottle names stored on your phone. Vivino Wine Scanner has become extremely popular in the last year and is used all over the world. You will never forget another wine again!

All these wine apps are free to download! New apps are being created quicker than ever, so if there’s a wine app that we haven’t mentioned or seen, please get in touch and we’ll give it a review.