Have you always wondered what you could do with space under your stairs? Let us inspire you with a selection of projects showcasing some great ideas for your home! Understairs wine cellars, storage rooms and racking, will show off your collection of wine to all your lucky visitors.

Whether you have a large area or you wish only to fill a small space, we’re sure we can inspire you and make your dreams become a reality with some perfect design ideas.

Understairs wine racking inspiration!

Understairs wine room in Durham, UK. The bespoke wine racking is enclosed with a glass wall and door with a nice external log feature. This project benefitted from a wide staircase that allowed the wine racking to return and from an ‘L’ shape.


This neat and tidy under stairs wine racking stores over 100 bottles and features a storage cupboard for glasses, decanters and more. The trendy LED lighting gives this small project the wow factor!


Fully enclosed, glass-fronted wine storage room storing over 200 bottles. This stunning wine cellar fits snuggly under the stairs, and features LED strip lighting along the angle and under the countertop and on top of the display bottles.


Glass-fronted bespoke in wine room situated under the stairs, fully fitted with LED lighting! This two-sided wine room benefits from a wide staircase, allowing maximum storage in the allotted space.


This ‘L’ shape under stairs wine room benefits from a large, wide staircase that allowed us to maximise the space to its fullest. The slimline cupboard on the left-hand side nicely tucks away some existing sockets and other essential units, allowing the tidy open storage area above for spirit bottles and glassware. The wine room also features case storage, cellar cubes, individual bottle storage and angled display bottles.


A single wall of wine storage tucked away under the stairs, beautifully lit up with LED strip lighting! This bespoke wine racking stores over 150 bottles and features an area for log storage.


This single wall of wine storage is elegantly tucked away under the stairs, finished off with a glass wall featuring two doors. The LED strip lighting finishes off the wine racking nicely, and it’s complete with the additional storage area for glassware and spirit bottles.


This single wall of wine storage is neatly tucked away under the stairs, finished off with an area for logs! The depth of the wine cooler allowed the below counter-top racking to be constructed as double depth, doubling the storage capacity. This has then created a tidy countertop to allow bottles to be withdrawn from the rack and placed on the countertop to be served.


This small but simply under stairs wine racking and storage area has been left open, but it’s nicely tucked away. The additional shelving area allows for bottles of Champagne or Spirits such as Gin to be stood upright.


This open-fronted wine storage area has been finished in a modern grey and features room for a wine fridge too! The undercounter area is a double depth which means bottles are stored two deep, maximising the depth of the space.


This quirky space is the perfect area for storing wine; the cellar cubes and individual bottle storage below the counter can store over 80 bottles! Above the counter, our traditional wood and metal wine racking maximise the space available, storing over 100 bottles.


If you want more details and have a space where you’d love to store your wine, contact Wineware today for a FREE quote – 01903 786148 / info@wineware.co.uk. We can undertake all of the design processes for you, provide us with the dimensions you have, and we’ll do the rest! Of course, if you have some preferences, we can design the racking specifically for your needs.