If you are a keen wine enthusiast or expert battling little storage space for your wine collection, do not fear; Wineware is here to help you! We know how tricky it can be to store wine when you are limited to such problems as space. Stacking cardboard boxes full of wine in tiny corners is neither ideal nor practical nor suitable for wine. Therefore we have some of the best wine racks for small spaces, suitable for that narrow space in your kitchen or the tucked away area in a trendy bar or restaurant.


Wineware’s Recommended Wine Racks for Small Spaces

Traditional Wood and Metal Wine Racks

Our Traditional Wine Racks are the perfect solution when trying to source a rack to fit your space. The beauty of this racking solution is that you can make it in various sizes, so we’re able to fit the rack as close as possible to your dimensions. We stock a selection of standard sizes, but we’re able to make them bespoke to your measurements, so if you have a tricky space where you’re looking to store some valued bottles, this is the racking solution for you!

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CellarStak Plastic Wine Racks

The CellarStak wine racks are made from strong, durable ABS plastic and suitable for storing wine and champagne bottles. It’s easy to assemble as pieces slot together, and you won’t require any tools! Available in sets of 15 bottles, 36 bottles and 60 bottles, they allow you to design and build any size or configuration of the wine rack with confidence to fit it to your requirement. In addition, CellarStak’s unique interlocking bottle safe pockets have set a new benchmark in own assembly wine racking systems. Each bottle hole positively interlocks with those around it to ensure uniform structural integrity throughout the rack, regardless of rack size or configuration.

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Nook Plastic and Metal Wine Racks

The wine racking system from Nook is an interlocking system with two components, Stainless steel connectors & heavy-duty plastic ‘rails’. It’s easy to assemble as the pieces slot together, and you can make it into any shape! Ideal for utilising unused space under stairs, in the kitchen, a cupboard or an entire cellar, a small space is ideal for this versatile racking solution. You can store a single depth of wine, champagne and half bottles.

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ISOCO Plastic Wine Racks

ISOCO Wine Boxes are the ideal foldable box for safely transporting and storing bottles of wine. They also offer a secure, professional and attractive presentation of your wine. Each box is robust and can be quickly erected and folded back. The front and backside flap makes the box easy to open and close. Each box holds x12 standard bottles (0.75l); the boxes can also be stacked in several ways, ideal for all your storage needs!

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EziRak Plastic Wine Racks

The EziRak wine racks are made from strong, durable ABS plastic; it’s easy to assemble as the pieces simply slot and click together, no tools required! In addition, EziRak is a single bottle depth and can take both wine and champagne bottles. This is the ideal wine storage solution for a small wine collection in a robust and sturdy surrounding. Available in two sizes, 3 high x 4 wide (12bottles) and 9 high x 3 wide (36 bottles); thanks to the design, you can add multiple racks on top of an existing rack and watch your collection grow!

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Contact us or see our wine storage guides if you are unsure whether the wine rack will fit in your space (kitchen, dining room, bar, etc.). We can advise you on the best possible wine rack option. We stock a good range of different sized wine racks with different designs to accommodate your wine bottle collection, no matter how big or small! If you would like to discuss small wine racks with us, we would be happy to hear from you. Call us on 01903 786148 or fill in our online enquiry form.