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CellarDine CaddyO Bottle Chiller

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The CellarDine CaddyO Bottle Chiller keeps bottles of wine, juice or any other drink cold for up to 9 hours. Ideal for parties, gatherings, home entertaining events, camping trips and festivals.

Its clever design chills a bottle from room temperature in just 20 minutes, thanks to an inner chill core frozen in your freezer before use. In addition, the insulated neoprene cover has a built-in stainless steel corkscrew on the shoulder strap to effortlessly remove corks from wine bottles wherever you are.

The inner core has been designed with a unique cooling gel to maximise chilling performance and will fit all traditional wine bottles and champagne bottles up to 1 litre in size:

Tips for use:

  • Insert the Caddyo chilling core into the freezer (minimum period 4 hours), and stand upright for best performance.
  • Place the warm or pre-chilled bottle inside the Caddyo core.
  • Place the Caddyo core with the bottle inside the neoprene cover and zip up.
  • It's now ready to go and will chill your bottle whilst you are on the move and stay cold for up to 9 hours.
  • The waiter's friend is tucked inside the shoulder strap, ready to use!
  • Use with 750ml or 1L bottles, alcoholic or non-alcoholic bottles.
  • To clean, use a damp cloth.
  • A small batch of condensation will appear on the inside of the neoprene when used; this is perfectly normal as it means the CaddyO is doing its job by maximising the cold insulation.

All CellarDine products now have 100% Recyclable Packaging!

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