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CellarStak wine racks are brand new to the UK! With three 'home packs' available in a set of 12/15, 30/36 and 55/60 bottles, they allow you to design and build any size/configuration of the wine rack with confidence so that you can fit it to your requirement.

CellarStaks unique interlocking bottles have set a new benchmark in ready to assemble wine racking systems. Each bottle hole positively interlocks with those around them to assure uniform structural integrity throughout the whole rack, regardless of rack size or configuration. Made from strong, durable ABS plastic (the same as used in automotive applications, which has now replaced steel), it's easy to assemble as the pieces slot together, no tools required!

The CellarStak is single bottle depth and can take both wine and champagne bottles. A set of helpful wall brackets are included with each rack; Wineware recommends using these to prevent accidents and provide stability.

Please note that if you require any other products from this manufacturer that are not listed, please feel free to contact us.

CellarStak 35 / 36 Bottle Plastic Wine Rack - Black

110 in stock | Code: CELLARSTAK-35/36

Was £100.00 incl. VAT £85.00 incl. VAT

CellarStak 55 / 60 Bottle Plastic Wine Rack - Black

68 in stock | Code: CELLARSTAK-55/60

£130.00 incl. VAT

CellarStak Plastic Wine Rack Feet - Set of 10

34 in stock | Code: CELLARSTAK-FEET

£7.00 incl. VAT

CellarStak Plastic Wine Rack Top Plates - Set of 10

29 in stock | Code: CELLARSTAK-TOP-PLATE

£9.00 incl. VAT

CellarStak 12 / 15 Bottle Plastic Wine Rack - Black

43 in stock | Code: CELLARSTAK-12/15

£40.00 incl. VAT

CellarStak Plastic Wall Brackets - Set of 10


£9.00 incl. VAT

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