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Laguiole en Aubrac Champagne Sabre - Olive Wood Handle

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This fine champagne sabre from Laguiole en Aubrac turns opening a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine into a show!

  • Overall Length: 415mm
  • Handle Length: 145mm
  • Blade Length: 270mm
  • Blade width at its widest point: 42mm
  • Handmade & crafted in France

Fine Stainless steel blade with an Olive wood Handle, presented in a Laguiole en Aubrac branded wooden gift box.

Instructions for Champagne Sabre:

  1. Remove the foil from the bottle. Leave the wire in place.
  2. Hold the bottle with the top facing away from you and with the seam, which runs the length of the bottle, uppermost.
  3. Rest the flat of the blade on the bottle's shoulder with the cutting edge directed away from the bottle top. Then, move the sabre sharply up the bottleneck along the line of the seam, causing the back edge of the blade to make rapid contact with the bulge on the neck - the weak point.

The top of the neck, complete with a cork in place, should then be sliced cleanly away.

Do NOT use in a dishwasher

Handmade & crafted in France

Wineware is a certified stockist and supplies genuine Laguiole corkscrews.

Handle: Wood