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Pulltex AntiOx Wine Preserver & Stopper - Black

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Code: 109-507-00

  • Preserve wine in an open bottle for more than one week!
  • Easy to use
  • It fits both corks closure bottles and screw tops
  • Stylish
  • AntiOx works for still wine only, not sparkling
  • 5-Year Lifetime Guarantee / 1000 uses!
  • Made in Spain
  • Genuine Pulltex Product

About the Pulltex AntiOx Wine Preserver & Stopper

The AntiOx wine stopper from Pulltex has become one of the most innovative wine-preserving products in the World; it's not only easy to use but also affordable for any wine lover.

The Pulltex AntiOx Stopper has a device in its inner part, including a patented revolutionary system for avoiding the oxidation of the wine inside the bottle. Once a wine bottle is closed with the AntiOx stopper, the oxidation of wine is interrupted. As a result, oxygen is no longer associated with the wine, neither producing acetic acid nor damaging it. As a result, unpleasant smells and the taste of vinegar in the wine are avoided.

FUNCTION: The active carbon filter inside the stopper interrupts oxygen interacting with the wine. The volatile components that accelerate the oxidation are neutralized; therefore, the oxygen left in the bottle will not damage the wine.

EASY TO USE: You only need to close the bottle with the stopper. The active carbon filter will keep the wine in perfect condition for over a week. It is suitable for wine lovers at home and for bars and restaurants to serve wine by the glass.

MAINTENANCE: No special maintenance is required; you must not replace the filter. Its efficiency is guaranteed for five years; you only need to clean and rinse the water afterwards.

For optimal performance, keep the bottle in a vertical position.

See the promotional PDF for more information about the Pulltex AntiOx.