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Traditional Wine Rack Metal Connector Kit - Set of 12

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This set of 12 metal connector strips will allow you to connect two racks that sit side by side together to create what looks like one whole rack. They can only be used when connecting horizontally and you'll only be required to fix these to the front of the rack. These connector strips will only work on Traditional Wine Racks purchased through Wineware.

Each Connector: Length: 82mm - Depth: 19mm - Thick: 1.8mm

How to use: Traditional Wine Rack Metal Connector Kit

  1. Position & screw Rack #1 to the wall
  2. Position Rack #2 approximately 95mm from Rack #1 (metal to metal / side by side)
  3. Tap in several of the connectors into the front of the rack to join them together
  4. Adjust Rack #2 so all of the positioned connectors are tight
  5. Screw Rack #2 to the wall
  6. Tap in the remaining connectors until the rack is complete
  7. Continue this process if joining additional racks

Click here to download a PDF version of How to use: Traditional Wine Rack Metal Connector Kit.

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