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VintageView Wall Mounted W Series 1 - 6 Bottle Wine Rack 2 Deep - Black 1ft

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  • Capacity: 6 Bottles - 1ft (h) 3 bottles high by 2 bottles deep
  • Height: 305mm 12"
  • Width: 330mm 13"
  • Depth: 215mm 8 1/2"
  • Distance between each holding 'rod': 90mm
  • Easy to install, fixings included!

About the VintageView Wine Racks

The Vintage View display wine racks stores bottles with the label facing forward, instead of the traditional method of the cork facing forward.

The rack is made of high quality steel in a matt Black (powder coated) finish and are designed for Bordeaux bottles, although Burgundy and standard Champagne bottles will also fit within the rack.

Ideal wine racking for any situation, from small kitchens and personal wine collections, restaurants and bars to fully stocked wine cellars. VintageView wine racks can turn your wine bottles into an impressive display feature.

Vintage View wine racks provide an extremely flexible and adaptable wine storage solution as you can store bottles 1, 2 or 3 deep. They are simple and easy to install (3 screws to each strip) and can be used to store wine bottles in nearly any space, regardless of height, depth or width limitations.

Installing a VintageView Wine Rack

Each VintageView rack comes as two wall mounted strips, one to hold the base of the bottle and one to hold the neck of the bottle. These can be fixed to the wall either ‘left’ or ‘right’ handed, therefore the bottle neck can face either left or right.

Fixings depend on the nature of the wall surface you are mounting on, but each rack comes with a hardware kit consisting of 2 x toggle bolts, 4 x spiral drywall anchors and 6 x screws. This kit is all you should need for either plasterboard (drywall) or wooden surfaces. For concrete or brick surfaces we recommend 5mm x 40mm screws with appropriate anchor as needed.

A standard wine bottle (750ml) averages 300mm in length, for this size bottle the strips should be mounted 190mm apart (starting a minimum of 70mm distance from your first perpendicular wall) and then 140mm between sets of racks. Each complete rack therefore requires approximately 330mm of space, side-to-side, for installation with standard bottles.

How to install the VintageView Wall Mounted Series Wine Racks:

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Design: Black