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Wine Bottle Cork Retriever and Butler’s Thief Cork Extractor

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This combination of cork removing gadgets is excellent for extracting old, loose and damaged corks that unfortunately ended up inside the bottle.

Wine Bottle Cork Retriever

Length: 305mm 12"

This ingenious device enables you to recover loose and disintegrated cork or large remnants of cork that has unfortunately fallen into the bottle. Place the stainless steel retriever inside the bottle, capture the cork and slowly withdraw. The rods close themselves around the cork the closer you bring the particles to the neck of the bottle.

Butler’s Thief Cork Extractor

This little gadget is excellent for removing old, damaged, crumbling corks from any type of wine bottle. With older corks, you don’t want to put pressure on them from the top, as it may force the cork to disintegrate and end up inside the bottle, mixing with your wine. The Butler’s Thief Cork Extractor is two-bladed - slip the blades down either side of the cork, between the cork and the glass - twist and pull - and the cork is withdrawn. Surprisingly easy!

Excellent for removing old, damaged, crumbling corks.

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