Which champagne glass type is right for me?

Drinking a glass of Champagne normally signals a celebratory moment, it’s maybe somebody’s birthday or someone’s just passed an exam, there’s always an excuse to pop the bubbly! Champagne has previously been seen as something only the rich and… Read more

4 years ago by Mark

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LSA Stemless glasses

5 Beautiful Stemless Wine Glasses

A stemless wine glass is the younger sibling to the traditional stemmed wine glass. They never argue but sommeliers and wine merchants will often be heard arguing over the two glass variants. Stemless wine glasses are modern and stylish, offering a new… Read more

6 years ago by Rebecca

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Top 10 Christmas Wine Accessories

Top 10 Christmas Wine Accessories With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about presents! The ladies and gents of the Wineware office have compiled a list of our Top 10 Wine Accessories for Christmas 2008. So whether you’re buying… Read more

10 years ago by Mark

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