A Brief History of Japanese Whisky

Japan is relatively ‘new’ to Whisky Production when compared with the traditional whisky-producing countries of Scotland, Ireland and the USA; however, by ‘new’, we mean over 95 years ago since the first single malt distillery… Read more

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Wineware’s Top 5 Ideal Whisky Gifts

Present buying is well under, so our Top 5 Whisky Gifts for Christmas should help you with some great ideas for the whisky enthusiast in your life! We have a great and varied selection of ideal Whisky gifts, from perfect whisky glasses like the Glencairn… Read more

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Discovering the love for Whisky

Discovering the love for Whisky

I’m fairly sure in predicting that sometimes, in all our lives, we come upon something that we hadn’t previously considered but in which now, all of a sudden, we have an interest, for whatever reason. This has happened to me on numerous occasions… Read more

9 years ago by Mark

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