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Zalto Glasses used on TV’s, The Wine Show!

The glasses featured on the second series of the popular channel 5 show The Wine Show were none other than Zalto. The host, wine guru Joe Fattorini absolutely loves Zalto glasses and is only too happy to let his 13,000+ followers know on Twitter!  … Read more

3 years ago by Mark

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The ideal glassware for Burgundy wines

The region of Burgundy is famous for producing both excellent white and red wines, predominantly the chardonnay grape for white wine and the pinot noir grape for red wine. The region is small compared to the likes of Bordeaux, but it still produces… Read more

6 years ago by Mark

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Why the shape of a wine glass matters

Does a wine glass shape matter? Does it alter the taste of the wine? Definitely! All quality glassware manufacturers produce numerous ranges of glasses whose designs are all different. The fundamental similarity is that the various bowl shapes are designed… Read more

9 years ago by Mark

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