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Fondis Wine Cellar Air Conditioner Unit - WINEC50SR

£4,344.00 incl. VAT


The Fondis WINEC50SR Wine Cellar Air Condition Unit has the same specification as the WINEC50S, but this unit can be fitted to an external wall thanks to the fitted Frost Belt. The WINEC50SR compressor has a heating belt so it won't frost if placed externally, we would recommend a cover over the top of the installation on the external wall to prevent direct contact with snow etc.

2 Year Warranty

  • Cooling for Cellars up to 50m3
  • Dual function electronic thermostat with display
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Best wine cellar conditions - Temperatures maintained between 8°C < 15°C
  • Heating function - Prevents temperature dropping too low
  • Booster Setting
  • Dust Filter
  • Installed through either an internal or external wall
  • Quiet when operating (Rubber shock absorbers for quiet operating)
  • Recommended that you check and clean filters every 4 months and change once a year

Unit Dimensions: H: 530mm x W: 552mm x D: 510mm

This unit MUST be installed through a wall, either an internal wall or an external wall, it will keep the wine cellar cool on the inside and warm on the outside (where the unit is ventilated too). If venting to an internal room within the house, the room mustn't be a boiler or plant room as the unit will over work and your desired humidity will not be reached. On average, a humidity of approximate 65% is perfect for a wine cellar. Cabinets have a pre-set temperature of 12°C.

  • Eco-friendly with no CFCs
  • Electronic thermostat - Easy to read digital display
  • Cold production - Can manually be stopped with a standby mode
  • Innovative design and textured finish to enhance appearance
  • Easy installation - Wooden frame supplied as standard
  • Low and easy maintenance

Fitting can be arranged - charges apply

Allow 3 - 4 days for delivery to UK Mainland

Click here to see the Fondis Dust Filter for the WINEC50SR.

Click to view the WINEC50SR Fondis User Manual.