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2/3 Temperature Wine Cabinet / Cooler Buying Guide

2/3 Temperature Wine Cabinet / Cooler Buying Guide

  • 2 / 3 temperature wine cabinets have different sections that you can set to different temperatures.
  • Ideal for a varied wine collection, you can store different wine types within the different sections.
  • Perfect for home users and on trade.

2-3 temperature wine cabinets are ideal for slightly larger wine bottle collections, as they can provide 2/3 different temperatures for your wines. 2-3 temperature wine cabinets offer the perfect conditions for red wines, white wines, roses and champagnes.

There are two or three different sections within these cabinets that offer different temperatures. You can set the sections to different temperatures depending on which types of wine bottles you are storing. The temperature also depends on how long you are storing the wine bottles.

2-3 temperature wine cabinets allow you to store a varied collection of wine bottles appropriately. These appliances are extremely popular with wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

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The five essentials of wine storage

  1. Wine storage should maintain a stable and constant temperature.
  2. Humidity should always be above 50%, as lower levels can cause corks to dry and thus shrink. Subsequently, this allows air to enter and damage the wine.
  3. You should avoid all light; wine is best stored in the dark.
  4. Vibrations can prematurely deteriorate wine by speeding up chemical reactions.
  5. Wine needs appropriate ventilation.

2/3 temperature wine cabinets meet all of the five essentials of wine storage. These cabinets have two or three different temperature-controlled sections so that you can store a good variety of different bottles.

There is a fantastic range of wine cabinets available designed for a range of purposes. Therefore, it is important to know the space where your wine cabinet will be situated and the capacity and type of bottles you want it to hold.

Features of 2/3 temperature wine cabinet

This is not a definite list of features for all 2/3 temperature wine cabinets. However, it provides a general overview of what you can expect or need to look for when purchasing your wine cabinet.

Ideal storage and temperature controlTemperature control

The electronic control system ensures wine is kept at a constant temperature. The temperature is maintained even in the event of fluctuations in the ambient temperature. This means your wine is not spoiled, and the oxidisation is prevented.

Long-term storage- the electronic control system provides the perfect conditions for storing wine. You can also keep wine at the optimum drinking temperature. (If you are unsure about the temperature for serving your wine, please refer to Wineware’s ‘Perfect Drinking Temperature for Wine Guide’).

Air quality

Optimum air freshness- this is achieved by the appliance. Some models are fitted with activated-charcoal filters, which prevent odours from the air affecting the taste of wines stored inside the wine cabinet. Usually, it is advised that air filters in these cabinets are replaced every year as this guarantees air quality and freshness for wine.

Humidity- humidity levels are controlled by a vaporiser system and constant air circulation. Liebherr cabinets are designed to ensure the best conditions for both cork and wine. Wine cabinets guarantee the correct humidity levels.

Storage for wine

Positioning fine wines

Low vibration compressors- these compressors ensure wine is kept in gentle storage, free from disruptive vibrations.

Shelving options- You can store wine in different ways on a wine cabinet’s shelves. Some wine cabinet designs allow wine bottles to be stored at an angle, and this looks fantastic in any household but still ensures the corks are kept in contact with the wine in the bottle. The wine bottles are held safely and securely by the wine cabinet’s shelves.

Soft closing- wine cabinet doors can close automatically when opened to an angle of about 45˚. The door closes softly and safely, ensuring the wine is free from vibrations.

UV Protection

Insulated doors with UV protection- these insulated doors minimise the effect of UV rays on wine.

LED lighting concept- wine is illuminated and spectacularly presented in wine cabinets using an LED light spectrum. The LED light spectrum does not include any UV rays and does not affect the wine.

Points to consider

  • How many wine bottles (standard 0.75l) can the wine cabinet hold?
  • How many shelves does the 2-3 temperature cabinet have?
  • What is the noise level of the wine cabinet?
  • What are the size dimensions of the wine cabinet?
  • How accessible is the wine cabinet? What are the hinges like on the cabinet?

If you need any more information or help regarding 2-3 temperature wine cabinets or any other wine cabinets, please contact us. We are always happy to hear from you.

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